What is important in a company name?

What is important in a company name?

This means that the company name is used for business transactions and identifies the business operation. However, the company name is also of considerable economic importance, because the company name can ensure individuality and distinguishability from other companies.

Which company names are allowed?

Name for a sole proprietorship: What is allowed? Sole proprietorships may use a branch, fantasy, or a name with a job description. The Chambers of Industry and Commerce also recommend using the full first and last name, even if this is not legally required.Other Entries…•

Are company names put in quotation marks?

As soon as the company names become too absurd, self-help is in order. Quotation marks are usually intended to emphasize something, not to legitimize mistakes. Strictly speaking, the mirror in goose feet would remain a mistake if you mean the magazine (because it’s actually called DER SPIEGEL).

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