What is in the introduction of a bachelor thesis?

What is in the introduction of a bachelor thesis?

The structure of the introduction for the bachelor thesis: question and research status. The BA introduction serves to present your topic and to classify it in the current state of research. What is the current situation, where are there open problems and how does your topic tie in with this status? Describe the problem!

What should be included in the introduction of a table of contents?

In the introduction to your table of contents, you present the following information about the text in a compact introductory sentence: Type of text (short story, factual text, novella, etc.) Title of the text. Name of the author.

What is the language in a table of contents?

The language of the table of contents is factual and concise; it is independent of the style of the original text. Write in your own words. Avoid evaluations and slang expressions. The sentences should be short and easy to understand.

How can a short story be structured?

Typical features are: Manageable text length: Short stories are usually between two and five pages long. Immediate start: There is no introduction that clarifies basic questions about people, place and time. Open or half-open ending: The end of the short story remains unclear.

How do I start a short story?

The right moment to start The same applies to the type of text: In a short story, the introduction is rather short and usually starts in medias res. The general rule is not to join the scene too early and rather a little later.

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