What is the edition of a book?

What is the edition of a book?

In publishing, the term edition describes the total number of copies of a publication (books, magazines or newspapers, etc.) printed according to a certain unchanged typesetting template, from which further copies are created after they have been sold and then correspondingly given consecutive numbers such as e.g.

What does the ISBN number say?

A 3-digit code that designates the country of manufacture in the related EAN (European/International Article Number). In the case of the ISBN, however, the number sequence 978 exceptionally defines the product group, namely “book”. That’s why -978 is often jokingly referred to as the “land of books”.

What is the composition of the ISBN number?

The ISBN-10 is a 10-digit number containing four coded pieces of information: group number, publisher number, title number and check digit.

Why is a verification number important?

The check digit secures the recorded data and helps to check whether the numerical code was entered or read out correctly. This serves to avoid high correction costs as a result of incorrectly recorded/transmitted data.

Where is the ISBN number?

Where can I find the ISBN of a book? The ISBN is usually on the back of the book or on the back cover. It matches the number below the barcode.

Where can I find the EAN number laptop?

Finding the model name and product number of the notebook With the power off, turn your laptop upside down. There you will find a sticker with some information, including the model name and product number. If you don’t have the sticker, remove the battery from your laptop.

How does the ISBN differ from the EAN 13?

An ISBN is also a 13-digit number – and therefore in principle an EAN. In practice, it is not possible to use individual EAN numbers purchased in blocks from Barcode Deutschland as an ISBN – this is also ensured by the special structure of the numbers with a prefix, group number, publisher’s number and title number.

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