What is the job of a social worker in school?

What is the job of a social worker in school?

The task of the school social workers is to help children and young people, in close cooperation with the teachers, to cope with their learning problems and/or life problems, to strengthen their personality and to develop resources in their social environment…

How to become a school social worker

A prerequisite for working as a social worker is at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of “social work”. This course is usually offered by universities of applied sciences throughout Germany and lasts between six and eight semesters.

What do you need to be able to do as a social worker?

As a social worker, you are responsible for looking after, advising and promoting your clients. Social pedagogy combines content from social work and pedagogy. A social pedagogue therefore has similar tasks to a social worker, but he mostly deals with children and young people.

Can you study without a high school diploma?

You can be admitted to the course without the Abitur if you have vocational training and/or several years of professional experience in a professional field with a technical connection to the field of study. The respective university decides on the individual case whether you are admitted to studying without the Abitur.

What can I study with training?

For example, if you have completed commercial training, a degree in business administration is a particularly good fit. If you have completed training in the social field, you can build on this perfectly with a dual nursing degree or courses such as social work or special education.

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