What is the purpose of seeing England for the first time?

What is the purpose of seeing England for the first time?

Intention: The intention of On Seeing England for the First Time is for Kincaid to persuade her audience of the negative effects England had on her life. Hpwever, in a child’s persona, she believed it was a heavenly place of wonder and beauty.

Who is the audience of on seeing England for the first time?

“On Seeing England for the First Time” SOAPSTone A- The audience for the essay is anyone outside of a colonized country because Kincaid is explaining the pains of colonization and how it forced her to think “that I was incomplete, or without substance, and did not measure up because I was not English”.

When was it written on seeing England for the first time?


Where in the essay does Kincaid’s epiphany occur?

The epiphany occurs in paragraph 16, Kincaid writes, I wished every sentence, everything I knew that began with England would end with and then it all died; we don’t know how, it just all died…

How does the use of parallelism serve Kincaid’s rhetorical purpose in the first paragraph?

In the opening paragraph the author uses an anecdote as well as appealing to the reader’s emotions to develop an ironic tone. 2. The use of parallelism in the first paragraph helps develop an ironic tone.

How does Kincaid regard the British influence?

Kincaid regards such British influence with a negative connotation because her upbringing was dominated by oppression. Kincaid was taught about England, a place she wasn’t born in nor a place she truly knew as she never lived in England as a child.

How does Jamaica Kincaid feel about England?

Living in a colony, Kincaid was taught to perceive England in a glorified way, as if it were ‘a very special jewel’, making it the center of their world. The author examines these ideas by using parallelism and more formal diction to explain to the reader what England inculcated into the colonies.

What is the effect of Kincaid’s attitude toward her friend?

19) The effect of Kincaid attitude towards her friend demonstrates her strong integrity: She stays true to her morals even at the expense of her friend. As a result, it takes away from her ethos as Kincaid has the lack of an ability to empathize with her friend’s point of view.

What is the rhetorical effect of the phrase as surely they would be in paragraph 17?

The rhetorical effect of the phrase, “as surely they would be” in paragraph 17 is to further aid the irony expressed throughout the passage. She is employing sarcasm to show that since Christianity is one side of her life that was forced upon her, she will surely go to heaven.

What three rhetorical appeals are used to convince readers of a claim?

Rhetorical appeals refer to ethos, pathos, and logos.

What is the effect of the mutton simile that Kincaid uses in paragraph 1?

3. What is the effect of the mutton simile that Kincaid uses in paragraph 1? What is the effect of retracting that simile within the same clause? The simile about England looking like “a leg of mutton” (1) was meant to symbolize Kincaid’s seedlings of disdain towards England.

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