What to do if a teacher insults a student?

What to do if a teacher insults a student?

Even if a student is bothering a lot and the teacher is annoyed by it, the teacher must not offend the student. If the teacher does, he has committed a crime. Insulting is punishable under the criminal law (Section 185 of the Criminal Code). The student can file a criminal complaint with the police.

Where can I complain about the school?

Where you file the complaint is up to you. You can address the supervisory complaint against a teacher directly to the respective headmaster of the school and inform the school authority or write to the district government.

What to do if the teacher grades unfairly?

First of all, you should seek a conversation with the relevant subject teacher to find out the reasons for the bad assessment. If that doesn’t help, you can contact your class teacher or the tutor. Some things can be clarified better among colleagues than between students and teachers.

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