What payment slips are there?

What payment slips are there?

Since 1906 there have been different types of payment slips. The last generation of payment slips can be divided into two types: the orange payment slip with reference number (ESR) and the red payment slip without reference number (ES). The new “payment slip” is called a QR-bill.

Which IBAN payment slip?

Red payment slip (ES) Instead of the previous account number and bank clearing number, the IBAN is now listed on the red payment slip. The bank’s postal account number (PC account) is still included for payments at the post office counter.

What do I do with a payment slip?

Payment slip with reference number (ISR) The slip contains a reference number defined by the biller, which enables the payee to assign the payment process to his accounting system more easily or automatically. The reference number contains a checksum so that typing errors can be recognized.

How do I pay with a payment slip?

By post: Like a previous payment slip, the QR-bill can also be paid for at the post office counter and payment machine, or it can be paid to the bank using a payment order in an envelope.

How do I pay with QR Code?

Paying at the payment terminal is possible with many conventional devices. To do this, customers must open the TWINT app on their smartphone, tap the QR code symbol, scan the TWINT QR code displayed on the terminal with the smartphone camera and confirm the payment in the app.

How long does a transfer with a payment slip take?

The time between debit and credit is between 0 and a maximum of 2 working days. All payments made at the counter with a red payment slip (ES) and QR-bill (QRR). All payments made at the counter using the orange payment slip (ISR).

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