What qualities do you need to be a nurse?

What qualities do you need to be a nurse?

As a nurse you work with people, so social skills such as a high sense of responsibility, sensitivity and empathy are extremely important. You also have to be able to work in an orderly, structured and careful manner, since medication, for example, has to be administered exactly as specified.

Why is maintenance so important?

The work in nursing is indispensable and if you look at the demographic development, it will become more and more important. Helping people feels good. Safe and attractive. A field of work with a future and many opportunities for further training and advancement.

Why is geriatric care so important?

You have a secure job with excellent future prospects, since people in need of care always depend on nursing support. Your work is versatile and varied, because you care for, look after, advise and support people of all ages.

Why Nursing Education?

7 reasons to start training in nursing You make things better for sick or old people. You have the best job prospects: nurses are desperately needed. It won’t be boring. A job in care challenges you physically and mentally – every day.

What are the careers in nursing?

Nursing professionsElderly care assistant.Anesthetic technical assistant.Specialist – nursing assistant.Health and nursing assistant.Home and family nurse.Midwife/maternity nurse.Remedial education nursing assistant.Remedial education nurse.

What do you have to do in elderly care?

Care and maintenance activities. As a geriatric nurse, you spend most of the day caring for and caring for old people. Activate and promote. Provide medical care. end-of-life care. Case management and care planning. Observe and document. Teamwork.

What do you need to be able to do to be a geriatric nurse?

They help with everyday things: personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, preparing meals and eating. If their patients are ill, geriatric care assistants ensure that they are properly moved, administer medication and change bandages.

What do I have to do as a nursing assistant?

Elderly care assistants support elderly people with personal hygiene (washing, showering, going to the toilet), with nutrition (preparing and eating food), with mobility (dressing and undressing, getting up and going to bed, changing beds), with housekeeping and accompany them on walks , shopping or …

What subjects do you need to be good at to become a geriatric nurse?

You will learn in the following areas: psychology, sociology, geriatrics, pharmacology, anatomy, pathology, nutrition, hygiene, law, geriatric psychiatry, caring for elderly people with the corresponding diseases, implementation of medical orders, developing concepts, accompanying the dying.

What do you need to get a degree in geriatric care?

Since July 2009, a completed ten-year school education is sufficient as a prerequisite for starting nursing training. Since then, secondary school students have also been able to start training to become geriatric nurses if they have completed the 10th grade.

What do you learn in the training to become a geriatric nurse?

In this geriatric nursing school you will learn, for example, how to support elderly and demented people in their lifestyle, what the legal framework is like, what the main tasks are as a qualified geriatric nurse & how the elderly should be cared for.

What degree does a Nursing Assistant have?

You cannot do the training to become a geriatric care assistant with every school leaving certificate, you need at least a secondary school leaving certificate. Depending on the vocational school, further entry requirements are prescribed, such as proof of your health suitability or an extended certificate of good conduct.

Is nursing assistant a recognized profession?

The training to become a geriatric care assistant is a state-recognized training occupation. If you want to be trained as a geriatric care assistant, you must have at least a high school diploma and be able to present a medical certificate.

What is a geriatric nurse not allowed to do?

What is a geriatric nurse allowed to do that a geriatric nursing assistant is not allowed to do? So far I found this here about what a geriatric care assistant is allowed to do: Among other things, they take over the personal hygiene of the elderly, dressing and undressing, beds and storage as well as preparing and serving meals.

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