What’s the best way to ask about a raise?

What’s the best way to ask about a raise?

Instead of falling in the house with the door, ask your supervisor for a feedback discussion. The topic of salary then only addresses in the course of the conversation. When making an appointment, it is advisable to make sure that the contact person is relaxed and has enough time for you.

When is it time for a raise?

As a rule of thumb and with really good arguments, that can be between five and ten percent more. At the end of the trial period you will be closer to five than ten percent. Realistically, larger salary jumps are only to be expected after two to three years in the job – or when changing jobs.

How often can you ask for a raise?

In this case, it is usual to increase the salary by around three to ten percent per salary negotiation (at the recommended interval of 18 to 24 months). Ten to 15 percent, on the other hand, is common when you advance to a (higher) management position.

Can you negotiate your salary?

Salary negotiation: how much can I ask? Those who negotiate skillfully can get a raise of between three and 10 percent. If you change jobs externally, you can even get up to 20 percent. Especially if you are poached.

Can you negotiate more vacations?

In many companies there are collective agreements with corresponding vacation days. Of course you can also negotiate the vacation. The problem, however, will be that the ArbG needs very good reasons for deviating from the operational rule for individual ArbN in order not to come into conflict with the AGG.

What is the best way to go into a salary negotiation?

Ten tips for negotiating salaries Change your perspective. Try to say “you” instead of “me” as often as possible. Let him come. Whoever becomes specific first loses. Disguise. Use breaks. Establish agreement. Anticipate objections. Let it emerge. Get help.

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