Which app for DOCX?

Which app for DOCX?

Which app opens docx? You can open docx files on your smartphone for free with the Android app “Google Docs” or with the Microsoft Word app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

How do I create a DOCX file?

In order to be able to use the advantages of Word 2010 even with older Word documents, you have the option of converting them to the new format. To do this, click the Save and Send command on the File tab and change the file type. The document is now automatically saved in . docx format saved.

Which app for Word documents?

The Best Office Apps for Android (Word, Excel & Powerpoint)Documents To Go. Documents To Go is suitable for creating new Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. Smart Office 2. With Smart Office 2, Microsoft Office documents can be viewed, created, edited, printed and shared. Quickoffice Pro. Google Docs. Kingsoft Office. Office Suite Pro. ThinkFree Office Mobile.

How can I open Word documents?

Open an OpenDocument text file in Word Click the File tab. Click Open. If you want to view only files saved in OpenDocument format, click OpenDocument Text in the Files of type list. Click the file you want to open, and then click Open.

Is Word free on Android?

Microsoft Word free as an app for smartphones and tablets If you want to use Word on the go, you can download the corresponding iOS, Android or Windows app (Microsoft Word Online or Microsoft Office Mobile) from your app store or as a browser app such as installing Office Online for Google Chrome.

Is Word for Android free?

Microsoft has now also made its Office applications available for Android smartphone users. So far it was only available as a beta version. Mobile work is now also possible with Word, Excel and Powerpoint – even free of charge under certain conditions.

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