Which Statement Best Expresses How Prospero Treats Caliban

Which statement best describes Prospero’s treatment of Caliban? In the play, Prospero treats Caliban like a pet dog. He rewards him for his good performances and punishes him when he fails to do so. Prospero treats Caliban harshly and curses him with pain. He also speaks condescendingly to Caliban. Caliban views this sudden change in his social status as an insult and hates it. He also hides him when he is not needed. Finally, Prospero forces him into a magical cage and only lets him out when he desires.

Moreover, Prospero treats Caliban cruelly, speaking condescendingly and taking away his freedom. He treats Caliban like a slave, but Miranda is treated as a child. He also threatens her with cramps and aches if she does not obey him. Which statement best describes Prospero’s treatment of Caliban? Based on the context of this play, please answer the following question.

A man uses a woman’s virginity to gain power. He believes that if he violates his virginity, it could result in him losing power. A man’s virginity could also prevent him from gaining power. This is why Prospero uses Miranda for his own purposes. After all, she was married with the promise of a virginity. As a result, Miranda’s virginity can’t be taken back by any father, unless she renounces it.

Which statement best expresses how Prospero treats Caliban? Which one of these statements is true? Prospero treats Caliban with kindness, affection, and the two main statements. The former is the more sympathetic choice, since his words are more intellectual and forgiving than Caliban’s. However, both are eloquent and demonstrate Prospero’s good character.

Prospero’s actions are in direct contradiction to Christian tenets but he seizes the chance to exact revenge against Caliban. He had long been unable to see his enemies, but suddenly he realizes that he has a desire for revenge. However, his intent is not to harm anyone on board the ship. He made this decision despite his own doubts. He does not intend to kill anyone on board, but rather to punish the enemies of his friends.

Prospero uses tricks to manipulate others. For instance, he tells Ariel that he will only work for her for a year if she obeys him. This is a classic case of manipulation. Prospero uses magic to manipulate his characters. In another example, he frees Ariel from punishment, but only if he promises to work for him for a year.

Prospero is in control throughout the play. He manipulates his servants using magic. For instance, he uses magic to free Ariel from Sycorax and torture Caliban. Prospero’s treatment causes Caliban and Ariel to react differently. Which statement best describes how prospero treats Caliban? Please explain! There is no one right answer to this question.

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