Who can provide reference information?

Who can provide reference information?

In principle, it is therefore true that the reference information may only be given if the employee agrees to it. He can even prohibit the employer from providing reference information. Such consent cannot simply be taken for granted when a potential employer contacts us.

When can I give references?

If references are permitted at all, they may only be actual – former or current – customers. In general, an overly bawdy presentation of your own references should be avoided. Rather, it depends on what is agreed between the designer and the customer.

What can the health insurance company say to the employer?

aa) According to Section 69 (4) SGB X, the health insurance companies are authorized to inform an employer whether the continued incapacity for work or a renewed incapacity for work of an employee is due to the same illness. The transmission of diagnostic data to the employer is not permitted.

Why does my new employer need a wage tax certificate?

The new employer is not legally entitled to require you to submit the electronic income tax certificate from the previous employment relationship. It is then up to the employer to use this information to call up all the data required for income tax deduction from the tax authorities.

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