Why is it important to follow the rules?

Why is it important to follow the rules?

They provide support, facilitate living and learning together and promote independence. Rules are important and essential to life and learning at school. Rules set limits, but within those limits they convey clarity and reliability.

Why are rules important for living together in society?

A community cannot do without social rules, otherwise the law of the strongest will spread. This applies equally to all areas of our society, family and school. Rules and boundaries offer clarity, they give our children in particular guidance and security.

Why is it important to pay attention in class?

As a participant in the lesson, the student has a duty to pay attention at all times. This watching should be concentrated. While paying attention, you could take notes of what the teacher says. In this way, the private time after school can be increased and the level of knowledge is expanded in the simplest way.

How is school so important?

School is very important for people’s social coexistence, she emphasizes. When it comes to learning how to get along with one another, to experience other cultures, different ways of thinking and differences, we need school. The smaller the group, the less chance the children have of experiencing strangeness.

Why are picture books so important?

The ability to concentrate is strengthened Reading aloud, looking at picture books and telling stories are an ideal way of optimally accompanying the cognitive and language development of small children. Small children perceive picture books with all their senses, they understand them in the truest sense of the word.

What’s the point of reading?

Reading reduces stress Anyone who reads regularly stimulates their own brain cells, trains their cognitive abilities and improves vocabulary and the ability to concentrate. The scientists write in their study that emotional intelligence is also improved.

Why do Suhrkamp read?

In 2019, on the occasion of its 70th birthday, Suhrkamp-Verlag asked 24 of its authors to deal with the topic of “reading”, because it was rightly assumed that these people, who have made writing their profession, were particularly attentive readers .

what is this reading

Reading in the narrower sense means taking in written, verbally formulated thoughts. Reading a text is a heuristic, cognitive process determined by the reader’s practice and knowledge.

Can reading make you short-sighted?

What exactly makes reading at school short-sighted has still not been clearly researched. It has long been thought that insufficient accommodation in reading shifts the sharp image slightly behind the retina, causing the retina to make the eye grow faster.

What is an overview?

Long-sightedness, in technical jargon hyperopia, literally means “oversightedness”. What sounds like a special ability isn’t supernormal vision, it’s strenuous eye work. A sharp image is only possible for those who have a clear view through constant strenuous “muscle work” of the ciliary muscles.

What makes short-sighted?

Myopia: description. Myopia is a congenital or acquired defective vision of the eye. Those who are short-sighted can usually still see well up close, while objects in the distance appear blurred (in the case of far-sighted people it is exactly the opposite).

Can myopia get better?

For most sufferers, myopia stops increasing after the age of 25. However, sometimes it can progress to 30 years of age. Many of those affected then reach a value of -6 to -8 dioptres.

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