Why is it important to promote the mother tongue?

Why is it important to promote the mother tongue?

Parents should consistently speak to their child in their mother tongue. The mother speaks to the child in her mother tongue. Regular communication between parents and child is extremely important. A toddler can only learn the new German words that he knows in his mother tongue.

Which languages ​​are most spoken in Germany?

The most spoken languages ​​in the Federal Republic (with more than 100,000 speakers) include Russian with (depending on estimates) up to three million native speakers, Turkish with more than two million native speakers, Polish, Kurdish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Serbian, Croatian.

What is the least spoken language?

United States and CanadaLanguageThreat LevelNumber of SpeakersHalkomeleMEndangered375Hanmoribund12HavasupaiEndangered500Hawaiian Moribund100054

Which languages ​​are threatened with extinction?

Fewer and fewer people in Germany speak Bavarian, Alemannic, East Franconian, Rhine Franconian, Moselle Franconian, Lower Saxon, Limburgish-Ripuarian, Sorbian or Yiddish. North Frisian and Saterland Frisian as well as Jutlandic and Romani spoken by Sinti and Roma are considered to be seriously threatened.

Is Spanish or French spoken more in the world?

The languages ​​spoken by most people worldwide: Hindi/Urdu (697.4 million) Spanish (512.9 million) Arabic (422 million) French (284.9 million)

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