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10 table decoration ideas for your dream wedding

Your wedding will definitely be a well-photographed experience. From the wedding dress to the bouquet to the table design: the photos are even shown to future generations! Instead of worrying about how much things will go in this important life event, you could plan it carefully and carefully, just as you would when furnishing a room. Rely on interesting, exquisite patterns and materials, add enough light sources and pay attention to loving and thoughtful little things.

Browse through our ideas for designer table designs and collect inspiration for your very special day!

Banquet table wedding arrangement table decoration

On the round table, the floral arrangement should be in the middle

When achieving a unique, dreamlike design, the selection of diverse textures comes first. After all, after this big event, one would like to have pictures with a nice depth display and optical attractiveness. A table decoration offers only a limited variety, but it still has to be arranged skillfully. Contrasting textiles such as tablecloths, napkins and runners are combined with hammered, matt and polished cutlery.

Wedding table design tapered candles wooden bench

Taper candles are cheap and create a magical atmosphere

The taper candles in different sizes are elegant elements on every table. During the day and night, they create soft light that embellishes the environment with flattering nuances.

Festive table decorations, variety of materials, wooden plates

With flowers that look beautiful individually (e.g. roses) you could set great highlights with a small budget

A sufficient number of materials creates the fascinating design on the banquet table. Wood elements and colors look beautiful next to metallic cutlery, porcelain and crystal. If the vases, candle holders, plates and dinnerware look too monotonous, you can swap things out with contrasting accents.

Table design wedding artfully shabby chic

Individual decorative elements can be labeled with the names of the wedding guests

Eye-catching table design looks very varied, depending on its height. If the centerpieces, taper candles, and table number holders look the same, the overall look would appear monotonous and even boring. Plan at least 3 height levels and achieve a WOW effect!

Wedding table decoration candles idea

When designing the table, try to include personal, meaningful objects

Do not forget the importance of individual taste. Although you want beautiful, almost perfect arrangements for this day, the opinion of the bride and groom should be included. How about an item that will be appreciated by you and your partner? Or a favorite color to complement the table decoration? If your mother has a lush garden, small flowers could decorate the table number holders. Meaningful elements can always be brought together in your planned decor.

Banquet planning avoid cluttering objects

Your guests would be grateful if they had enough space at the wedding dinner

A carefully designed banquet table can look different than expected when your guests sit down on it. Take care, for example, that the flower arrangements are not too high, otherwise the wedding guests will neither see nor hear each other on either side. An overflow of objects would restrict movement. It is definitely worth organizing a rehearsal beforehand.

Finally all the necessary decisions are made: it’s time to take a deep breath and take care of the little things. A final look on your part will decide whether there is a decorative item that you can safely remove. This allows the individual elements of your exquisite table design to come out better.

Wedding banquet table example uniform color white

Colors, style and flowers could easily match at your wedding

Banquet table decoration idea bouquets white peonies

Enhance the banquet table with plenty of flowers

Wedding maritime rustic table decoration

Maritime wedding outdoors with reserved table decorations in white

Centerpiece wedding table arranging flower arrangement

Would you make the flower arrangements you want for your wedding celebration yourself?

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