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Behind the Criog from SAM is the Saxon Automobile Manufactory, SAM for short, and the idea behind it is to offer business and private customers the opportunity to achieve maximum freedom of use with just one purchase. The basis for this is a low unladen weight, high performance, chic design and, as a unique selling point, the optionally available VRS chassis, in which the ground clearance can be adjusted in 7 stages from 100 to 300 mm via a hydraulic controller from the cockpit. The SAM Criog is approved as LoF.

Criog by SAM: VRS hydraulic chassis

Criog by SAM: cockpit functionality in elegant shapes and materialsMeanwhile, pragmatists are enjoying the actual function of the VRS: the route is bumpy and riddled with frost holes. Criog from SAM: hydraulically adjustable ground clearance between 100 and 300 millimetersBefore your back is tortured too badly, turn the controller two steps to the right and the hydraulics quickly raise the car to 200 mm ground clearance, which, thanks to VRS, also automatically changes the response behavior and the tuning of the dampers. The Criog continues on its way undeterred and without adjusting the speed, since you simply adapt the chassis to the changed road conditions. When you look to the right, a lonely and winding dirt road catches your eye, waiting to be drifted: turn the knob and, with 300 mm of ground clearance, rub a few furrows in the gravel in a way that is suitable for off-road use.

Amenities & Prices

Criog from SAM: 47,000 euros in the basic versionDepending on your wallet, you can work your way up over time from the ‘spartan’ basic model without outer paneling, manual height adjustment, but still 200 hp with an unladen weight of around 550 kilos to fully equipped – everything individually according to taste and area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.
The response from the press has so far been consistently positive. The handling and the simple operation despite the sporty approaches such as sequential 6-speed gears, sports seats and hydraulic fly-off handbrake were enthusiastically received. SAM Saxon Automobile ManufactoryIn addition, the Criog was developed and manufactured in Germany right from the start, apart from the engine and the attachments from the Suzuki Hayabusa. A small team of initially 8 and now 5 employees mastered this mammoth task. 5 vehicles have already been ordered and are now being manufactured step by step.
However, the Criog is not exactly cheap: the basic equipment already costs 47,000 euros; variable height adjustment costs around 9,000 euros, switchable all-wheel drive costs 8,000 euros, road approval costs 720 euros, and a windscreen with windscreen wipers costs an additional 1,800 thalers. The rest of the list of extras then includes a whole DIN A page and contains a multitude of desires, above all doors with side windows, a performance chassis, an 80-liter tank and a dust-proof storage space. chk

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