What do I need for the extended secondary school certificate?

What do I need for the extended secondary school certificate?

Compulsory schooling (full-time school) is at least 10 years. If you leave school after 10 years, your full-time compulsory education is fulfilled (extended secondary school certificate). If you then attend a grammar school, technical high school or technical college, full-time compulsory education continues.

Is the extended Realschule qualification a technical college entrance qualification?

Depending on the federal state and school, the middle school certificate is called like this: factory school certificate, extended secondary school certificate I, middle school certificate, extended school certificate, technical college entrance qualification, qualified secondary school certificate I, Realschule certificate, qualifying certificate from Realschule, secondary certificate I …

Can I study with an extended secondary school certificate?

Without a high school diploma, you can only study at certain universities and, above all, technical colleges if you have professional experience, but usually only certain subjects and after an entrance examination. You can only study with Realschule if you have a learned profession at the age of 3.

What average do I need for a secondary school certificate?

Eligibility for graduation fulfilled if: Prerequisite for secondary school leaving certificate (see left) Average grade of the final grades in the subjects German, mathematics, English at least satisfactory “3.0”

What is a very good secondary school certificate?

What grades my employer with a “good secondary school leaving certificate”? Person A: High school diploma with an average of 1.0 Person B: Abitur with an average of 3.4.

What is better real or secondary school?

The secondary school is definitely better. This gives you better career opportunities, since a secondary school diploma is not as good as a secondary school diploma. Then the 10 years of school are worth it :D. You also have the chance to do your Abitur after high school.

What is the difference between Real and Hauptschule?

Hauptschule goes up to class 10 and is the “easiest” of the three. Realschule goes up to class 10, then offers the “Middle School Certificate” as a qualification. At grammar school you have to do 12-13 classes and at the end you get the general higher education entrance qualification, which you need to be able to study any subject.

What is the difference between comprehensive school and Hauptschule?

The comprehensive school in Germany is an alternative to the three-tier school system – Gymnasium-Realschule-Hauptschule. The advantage of the comprehensive school is that no further career decisions have to be made after the 4th grade. However, this type of school is not offered by all federal states.

What is the difference between Real and Comprehensive?

Realschule is a normal Realschule where you can do the secondary school leaving certificate. At a comprehensive school, you can obtain a Hauptschule or Realschule certificate, as well as the Abitur. . Incidentally, at an extended Realschule (there is one in Saarland) you can do the Hauptschule or Realschule qualification.

What degree can you get at a comprehensive school?

At the comprehensive school, all qualifications of secondary level I and II can be obtained, which are also obtained at the Hauptschule, the Realschule and the Gymnasium.

What is the difference between high school and comprehensive school?

Difference between the school types: In the grammar school, the highest possible standard is required. In the comprehensive school it is possible to do a high school diploma in math and a high school diploma in social studies. Just as an example.

What do you mean by comprehensive school?

The comprehensive school is a type of school in which the various types of secondary school are combined in different organizational and content-related forms. The comprehensive school in Germany is a form of secondary school that takes children after primary school at least up to the 9th grade.

Which is better comprehensive school or real?

In terms of performance, the Realschule is better, since there is a mixture of Real and Hauptschule students at the Gesamtschule. therefore, the performance of the students is different and thus also the learning ability of the class.

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