Are administrative regulations binding?

Are administrative regulations binding?

Administrative regulations that specify norms These administrative regulations serve to specify an indefinite legal concept. It should be noted that such administrative regulations have an external effect; this means that they are relevant and binding for judicial decisions.

What is legislation?

Legal norm or legal principle (e.g. law, ordinance) in contrast to the administrative regulations which are only binding for the state administration and which usually explain or implement legal norms in more detail. Legal norms are general, abstract regulations that are binding for everyone.

What is an administrative statement?

The administrative regulations are not legal norms. They are issued by higher administrative bodies to subordinate authorities, e.g. Guidelines, decrees, BMF letters or decrees. They are intended to regulate the details of administrative action and administrative organization.

Why are there guidelines and regulations?

The term ordinance comes from the same context as a law and regulates the implementation of a law in a binding manner. In contrast, a guideline remains a mere recommendation based on the state of the art, for example.

What kind of decisions can be taken in the EU?

Competition law can be cited as an example of EU resolutions: decisions are taken here on approving mergers of companies. Individual decisions can also affect Member States as such, such as fines imposed by the Council of the European Union in accordance with Art.

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