Are funny sayings protected?

Are funny sayings protected?

Copyrights to sayings and word acrobatics Short sequences of words can also be protected if they stand out from the usual formulations through an imaginative choice of words or thought processes. “I would have liked to, but I didn’t dare to.”

How must sources be indicated?

For the information you usually need the first name and surname of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source of a book according to the German citation method looks like this: ¹First name, surname, title of the work.

What can you quote?

According to § 51 No. 1 UrhG, entire works may be cited if they are included as part of an independent scientific work to explain the content. This allows the entire recording of the work. However, a scientific purpose is required.

How do I quote a text?

So if you want to quote in the text, then you mark the direct quote with quotation marks (“”). If the quote takes up more than three lines, it is set off even more from the rest of the text.

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