Badlands Country Nightclub

Badlands Country Nightclub

The Badlands Country Nightclub is a place to get down with friends and enjoy the country music of the area. This popular club was originally established in 1975 as D A’s Bar. Later, it was transformed into a video-bar. The dance floor attracted both young bar hoppers as well as locals to its late-night shows. Six weeks after the reopening, Badlands had seen a 30% jump in sales. Catfights and crying have stopped, and the venue no longer faces the threat of closure.

When Jon Taffer visited Longshots Country Nightclub, the owner changed the name to Badlands Country Nightclub to better reflect the new name and the updated decor. Since then, the bar has been renamed Badlands Country Nightclub. No one has yet to write a review about the new club since the Bar Rescue makeover. However, the new name may be more accurate. Badlands Country Nightclub now open for business

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