Ben Burditt

MU Alumnus Ben Burditt

Ben Burditt was born and raised in Warsaw, Missouri before making the move west and opening a high-end custom company in Southern California. Over his decade long building career he established relationships that resulted in over $28 Million worth of renovation projects completed.

Mac Ray Builders, which purchases vacant and occupied properties, was also established under his supervision. Alongside his brother Jeremy Ray, they specialize in furniture production made out of vintage materials.

Early Life and Education

Krista Burditt is an acclaimed talent manager from America who has worked with Jake Paul’s web and musical band, “Crew 10,” since 2005. Currently she serves as personal assistant to actor Gerard Butler. Krista graduated with her Bachelor’s in business administration and marketing from Eastern Washington University before marrying Ben in October 2021; they now share three beautiful children between them: two boys and a girl.

Ben is one of the co-founders of Mac Ray Builders, a residential real estate agency specializing in buying vacant fields and homes for sale. Together with his friend Jeremy Ray, they own BurdittRay Furniture Company – which creates unique pieces using vintage materials.

He was previously married to Whitney Ann Kroenke but they divorced shortly thereafter; she is now dating Nyck Silverstein, a fitness trainer.

Professional Career

Ben Burditt has taken his passion for history and working with his hands from Missouri to California through furniture company Burditt Ray, founded with friend Jeremy Ray in June 2012. They create gorgeous pieces blending vintage materials with contemporary/modern designs sourced from dismantled barns in Missouri – they can even be seen in many of the homes of celebrities!

Whitney Ann Kroenke is an American heiress, movie producer, and philanthropist. She is the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton and first business partner James Walton; together they co-founded Walmart. In recent years she has produced various documentaries and the narrative feature film The Power of Few.

Krista Burditt works as the personal assistant to actor Gerard Butler and they are married. Avin and Ella are her sons.

Personal Life

Ben Burditt of Michigan University married Krista on October 6, 2021 and they now have two sons and one daughter together. Ben enjoys fishing trips, football games, camping trips and traveling the globe with his family.

He also enjoys history and making things with his hands, co-founding Burditt Ray with his friend Jeremy Ray in June 2012. They use recycled barn wood from Missouri to craft beautiful pieces that combine both old and modern styles.

Kroenke’s mother, Ann Walton, is an heiress to Walmart fortune and her father Bud Walton co-founded Walmart as Sam Walton’s brother. Stan Kroenke owns NBA team the Denver Nuggets and NHL club Colorado Avalanche.

Net Worth

This popular YouTube vlogger boasts a substantial fan base and earns significant income through his videos; his estimated net worth stands at about $3 Million.

His real estate agency is also highly successful. In June 2012, he collaborated with friend Jeremy Ray to design lovely furniture from vintage materials that combined old and modern designs.

Burtt was well-known for creating many of the sound effects heard in Star Wars film series, such as R2-D2’s voice and lightsaber hum. He worked at Lucasfilm Ltd. for 28 years, eventually receiving an Academy Award nomination in 1989 for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

He was married from 2006 until 2010, to Whitney Ann Kroenke, an heiress to Walmart fortune and daughter of Bud Walton (co-founder). Since then she has become engaged to fitness trainer Nyck Silverstein.

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