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Ben Welton, a Teacher and PhD Student by Day, is a Fascist by Night

Fascists typically live double lives, disseminating their harmful beliefs under various pseudonyms while holding down respectable day jobs in education, military service or law enforcement. Welton appears to have fallen prey to this pattern of life and now appears to have no way out.

Welton taught children at Star Academy in Boston until he was fired due to writing articles for far-right publications that advocated a return to American greatness while criticizing critical race theory teaching.

Early Life and Education

Welton, who by day works as a teacher, has written for American Sun under the pseudonym of Sinclair Jenkins since 2018. In 2018, his article about education claimed only geniuses should receive schooling while warning against America becoming more mongrelized due to declining world IQs.

His work caught the attention of major fascist writers such as Bronze Age Pervert. A retweet from them brought some notice on Twitter where Elias writes under his pen name of Elias Kingston.

Welton taught at both University of Vermont and Boston University during his graduate studies. However, neither institution would comment on whether Welton would face any repercussions for his white nationalist writings; Star Academy removed his photo after HuffPost inquired into him further.

Professional Career

Ben Welton, a Senior Engineer for Gilkes Pump Division. Additionally to his full time position at Gilkes, he is working on his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lancaster University and recently finished both dissertations for this degree program.

His writings can be found online under multiple pen names and advocate for violent ethnic cleansing of nonwhite populations in order to form a white ethnostate. Some of his articles have appeared on white nationalist websites like American Renaissance and VDARE.

He has written articles for them critiquing myths of college campus rape culture and criticizing European nations that allow Muslim refugees to come in. Additionally, he published pieces for Taki’s Magazine, run by Taki Theodoracopulos; sometimes under his real name.

Achievement and Honors

HuffPost reported on Benjamin Welton, an educator and PhD student by day who secretly posted racist and white nationalist propaganda online at night – both on social media platforms such as Facebook as well as known alt-right websites such as American Renaissance where Welton has been writing since 2017.

Hayley Thompson, one of the signatories to the open letter, taught IR 349 course where students reported Welton would unfairly assign grades to those who disagreed with his beliefs – in particular students from developing countries who received lower scores than their peers.

Nolan attempts to use force against Charlie so as to get him admitted into the Dead Poets Society; but, much to his displeasure and Keating’s delight, other members of the club speak up in defense of him despite Nolan’s bullying tactics.

Personal Life

Ben Welton is an accomplished author with diverse interests. His writing includes fiction (Cold water rots the walls/but her fingers seize to kiss away dirt from former lovers) and poetry (“No self-respecting white man should join the Navy”). His articles have appeared in both Atlantic magazine and Military History journals.

Recently, it came to light that Welton had been publishing racist and white nationalist propaganda online – through social media posts as well as various alt-right websites – using various pseudonyms. His day job is teaching at Boston University’s Ph.D program and serving on its advisory council.

He is also a freelance writer, having published pieces in major publications like VICE and The Atlantic. His expertise lies across an array of topics but particularly within spy novels.

Net Worth

Welton has an estimated net worth of around $250,000 according to public records, which includes real estate assets as well as his vast book collection. He works part-time at Palladion Services as a security guard.

Welton may appear disinterested in Jews, yet he has written for far-right publications on topics like Goosebumps and British imperialism. Additionally, he praised Francisco Franco in Taki’s Magazine run by Greek socialite Taki Theodoracopulos.

As his real name, he has written various essays under this pseudonym, such as an essay posted to the Affirmative Right website comparing Nathaniel Hawthorne and H.P. Lovecraft with fascist author Julius Evola – prompting him to adopt it himself. Additionally, notable works by this author include essays addressing United States history.

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