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Brighten up the garden in style

Tending to your own garden takes a lot of time. The effort is worth it, however, because the outdoor area is particularly valued on sunny days. The best way to relax is outdoors, far from the noise of the big city.

How do you design your own garden skillfully and stylishly so that family and friends can hear something of it? High quality garden furniture sets are convenient and practical. In particular, garden tables are indispensable for a BBQ or a garden party and thus become a meeting point. You can satisfy your appetite at a nicely decorated table.

Check out our selection of garden tables:

Modern garden table designs made of rattan

Solid wood table, ideal for the country house style

Wooden table metal garden plain acacia wood

Garden chair with flexible steel frame

The classic wooden table comes in many designs. Solid or elegant, the advantages of the material are widely recognized. The table decoration can be chosen as desired. For a natural look, limit yourself to only the bare essentials.

Wooden table traditionally elegant courtyard garden

Stylish designer table

Bistro set bar stool stainless steel teak

Modern bistro set for elegant outdoor cocktails

The minimalist style in the garden is aesthetically pleasing. The processed wood with simple lines can look very modern and secure a stable surface for dishes and drinks.

round table garden teak banana chair

Weatherproof table with rotatable insert

Garden design solid wood high gloss bench

Wooden boards for a rustic designer look

Robust, solid garden table furniture with a beautiful design creates a nostalgic, unique atmosphere.

Outdoor furniture, rectangular white aluminum dining table

Enjoy the break in a relaxed and stylish way

Combinations with lighter shades, such as aluminum or stainless steel, are modern and stylish. These materials are eye-catching in sunlight and appear different when the light changes.

Relaxing garden furniture acacia wood garden bench white modern

Have a picnic day outdoors

Finally, we will present you an artistic piece in its authentic form. This would undoubtedly look great in any garden. The visually dominant white color and the wide table surface guarantee many pleasant hours spent outdoors.

Garden furniture set rattan teak retro

Garden furniture set made of rattan and teak in a retro style

Solid wood garden table table decoration colored

Garden table made of solid wood

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