Can you have multiple channels on YouTube?

Can you have multiple channels on YouTube?

A YouTube channel linked to a Brand Account can be shared between multiple accounts. If you connect your YouTube channel to a Brand Account: Channel management and ownership: A Brand Account can be owned and managed by multiple Google Accounts.

How to advertise on YouTube?

Enable ads for individual videos Sign in to YouTube. Go to Select Videos from the menu on the left. Select a video. Select Monetization from the menu on the left. Select which ad format to use. Click Save.

What are YouTube Info Cards?

You can use info cards to make your videos more interactive. You have the option to feature a video, playlist, channel or link. Info cards are not available for videos marked as Made for Kids.

What data does YouTube collect?

YouTube: Data protection declaration According to this, the stored information initially includes the personal data that each user enters when registering or later in their account. These include: name. E-mail address.

Can others see what I watched on YouTube?

Can other people see my watch history if they know my Youtube nickname or are followers? No, imo nobody can see the history. History is also not a playlist.

What data does Google have about me?

Android devices forward specific information to Google. The Internet giant not only collects data about the device used, such as the IMEI number and phone number, but also about caller numbers and call duration, WLAN connections and the applications used.

What data does Android collect?

35 percent of the information that Google receives from an Android smartphone is location data. 24 percent falls into the device uploads category and 18 percent relates to the Google Play app store.

What is stored on the internet?

Internet: All data generated when surfing the Internet is saved. These are online access data such as the IP address and the connection ID (phone number or DSL ID). In addition, the beginning and end of Internet use are recorded.

What is Google location history?

If you have an Android phone, you can easily find out which places you’ve been to lately. The automatic location history records the movement of the user at every turn. You can even see the exact time and map – but so can Google.

Why does Google want to know my location?

Location history is intended to enable Google to give its users better results and recommendations. For example, if a user visits a location with location history turned on, recommendations based on that location are displayed, Google writes on a support page.

How do I clear location history?

Clear All Location History On your Android device, open the Google Maps app . Tap your profile picture or initials My Timeline . Tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner Under Location Settings, tap Clear All Location History.

How can I see where I’ve been on Google?

Open either the Google app or Google Maps in Chrome. Search for your current location. Tap on “More information on: [Ort]“. Tap “Yes” when “Are you here now?” appears.

How can I see my movement profile?

Location data on an Android smartphone If you are logged into the Google account, you can view your activities under “My Account” in the “Personal Data & Privacy” section. Here you can find your location history displayed as a timeline on Google Maps.

Can you see where the iphone was last?

The history can be viewed via data protection → location services → system services → important places. The cities that the user has visited can be seen there, sometimes with exact locations or addresses that are displayed on a map. There are also exact times of the stay.

Which places have I visited?

Google Maps tip: View places visited in the past Select the menu. Select the three line menu in the top left corner of the screen. My Timeline. Now tap on the item “My timeline”. Browse through days. Your location history is now displayed here, sorted by day.

How can I locate someone using Google Maps?

Find someone’s locationOpen the Google Maps app. Tap their profile picture or initials. Share location.Tap on the profile of the person you’re looking for. To get an updated location, tap the person’s icon “More” Refresh.

where is my timeline

In the Maps app, open the menu. Select “Timeline”. Tap the three dots in the top right and select “Settings & Privacy”. Scroll down to “Location settings”: There the two options “Location collection is activated” and “Location history is activated” must be active.

What do the colors on Google Maps mean?

According to the company, users of the Android application Google Maps Navigation also receive detour recommendations to avoid traffic jams. The flow of traffic is shown in colour: red and black indicate stop-and-go traffic, red slow-moving traffic, yellow stands for heavy traffic and green for free travel.

What does the orange on Google Maps mean?

Orange means that traffic can certainly roll a little slower. If it is red, you have to be prepared for waiting times. If you take a different route to avoid the traffic jam, a new route is automatically determined in Google Maps.

What does green mean on Google Maps?

Light green trails are bike trails, green dotted trails are trails suitable for cyclists.

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