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Colorful, hand-painted party decorations for the summer

Hand-painted objects exude a unique charm. In particular, the decorative items you create yourself always have a personal touch. You really have to take a lot of time to hand-paint these and create something beautiful in the process. The interesting thing about it is the uniqueness of these decorative items, because none is exactly like the other creations. That is where the beauty of hand painting lies. It gives you a lot of freedom to work with the brush and create beautiful, unique pieces. Even if you are not a Picasso, you will soon find out: painting something could be stress-free and calming, it distracts you from the stressful everyday life. You can also provide decorative and stylish items for your home. Grab some vibrant colors and spice up your party decorations this summer with these whimsical, hand-painted decorative items!

You can paint small objects made of plastic or glass. First, you should make sure that the paint you are using is appropriate for these surfaces. The little plastic things are usually dirt cheap and anyone can find them in the nearest craft store. They are originally white. This color is preferred by most DIY fans because after painting and drying all other colors look vivid and come out very well.

Now we want to explain the creative process of hand painting to you in a few easy steps.

Here are the necessary materials first:

Underplate painting acrylic paint DIY project children adults

Get white plates and the colors you want

White plates (plastic or glass)
Acrylic paint (not dishwasher safe)
Paper towels
Make sure you have the right paint for each plate.

Decoration idea, paint underplate dishes

Clean plastic or glass plates with a damp, clean cloth before painting

Step 1: You want to start on a clean basis. So run a damp cloth over the plate and let it dry. Before painting, make sure the surface is completely dry.

Tutorial colorful eye-catcher plate party accessories

Pour a little acrylic paint onto a separate surface

Step 2: Shake a little of the acrylic paints you bought (in this case, soft pink, light blue, and purple) onto a separate surface.

Garden party table decoration variants paint paint brush

Apply the paints vertically to the plate with the brush with light hand movements

Step 3: With the brush you could paint the first plate with light hand movements. First, you should be covering all of the white spots with your chosen base color. After that, you could use other colors or apply them as highlights. It is advisable to let the colors dry for approx. 10-15 minutes after application.
In all fairness, there aren’t any strict rules about this process of painting. Make it as abstract and creative as you want. Carry out each stroke slowly and carefully. Better take your time and the good results won’t be long in coming!

DIY underplate patterns paint colorfully

Wait 15 minutes before mixing the colors. The white surface of the plate should no longer be visible

Step 4: When you are satisfied with the new look of the plates, let the paint dry completely for an hour before using the hand-painted plates. Please do not shorten the drying time!
This little DIY project actually only takes 15 minutes, only the drying time is about an hour. For a permanent result, you could also varnish the hand-painted plates. To do this, you can take a clear varnish. The best thing to do is to keep your new plates in a cool place, so you will definitely be using them for a long time!

If you like bright colors, you can also use glossy colors in stark shades. Then you get little eye-catchers for your garden party in summer. Each hand-painted plate has a personal touch and shows your style. Your friends and relatives will surely be impressed and ask you many questions.
Another good tip from us: You can also involve your children in this creative process and teach the little ones creativity!

Don’t the strong colors look great against the rest of the white table decorations?

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