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If the landscape is beautiful, you can also take a break at the side of the road.

The first family holiday with baby or toddler is coming up and you want to save yourself the stress of a flight with long waiting times, lost suitcases or canceled trains? Then you can travel to the holiday destination by car or camper because you are flexible here, can take more luggage with you and can organize the travel time freely.

In fact, the car is the main means of transport in Germany. Well over half of Germans use it when shorter or longer distances have to be covered.

Usually he has high sleep consumption of babies advantages for journeys by car. Because then there is a chance that the child will simply oversleep the journey. So feel free to follow your baby when it comes to when to set off. You may bathe your child before the journey begins to make them sleepy.

A long drive needs to be well planned

The negative aspects of traveling by car are reflected in the fact that one increases one, especially during holiday periods risk of traffic jams is exposed. Therefore, you should in advance about alternative routes think or many stopovers put in Maybe the route will pass family or friends you want to pay a short visit to?

From the age of three months, there are no limits to how much time the baby can spend in the car. Nevertheless, the first trip with a baby or toddler should not take too long. The further the route, the more strenuous the journey is for all occupants – large and small. For a suitable and child-friendly trip, there are indeed baby carriers in the most diverse variations, some of which – also depending on the age – are better suited for sitting or lying down. This has to be taken into account, for example, with infants, as they are not yet allowed to sit (for a long time). So short drives are safe for your baby’s spine, but various experts recommend taking the baby out of the shell about every two hours on longer car trips.

Make the best use of breaks

For this reason alone, it makes sense to take a break from time to time, even if it is only for a short period of time. It is best to take a large blanket with you so that your baby can stretch out on intermediate stops. Of course, a break also gives you the opportunity to catch your breath and gather energy for the onward journey. You can also swaddle, breastfeed or feed your baby.

If your holiday destination is far away, you can travel to a roadtrip do by booking overnight stays. If the scenery there is also appealing and/or sights are waiting for you, everyone can relax and pursue their urge to move.

Games against boredom

As soon as the baby gets bored, there is a risk that he will start whining or even screaming at the top of his voice, which may distract you from the traffic! You can prevent this if you toy take on board. children music or radio plays also have a calming effect. A mobile that is stretched across the back seat is also conceivable. It is a good idea for an adult to sit in the back next to the baby and deal with him.

If the child is a bit older, there are more opportunities to defy boredom. Digital end devices with the corresponding apps are particularly effective, but should not be used for hours. You can read numerous ideas on how to keep children happy on long journeys in the following article. Elementary school children can try to read signposts. Some children make amazing progress. Guessing animals or professions also provides entertainment during the journey.

Stow luggage safely

It is best to stow all your luggage in the trunk so that nothing gets in the way of the footwell or becomes a projectile in the interior in the event of an emergency stop. If necessary, a luggage net can be attached to the back of the car for safety. If you have several small children, you often have to take a lot with you. This includes diapers, baby food, wipes and buggies, so there is less space in the trunk for other things. In this case, a roof box is helpful. The luggage is protected from storms in it and it hardly bothers you while driving. But you have more space in the interior of the car.

Don’t forget your papers and first-aid kit

It should go without saying that the first aid kit is up to date, and that there is a warning triangle, safety vest, jack and spare wheel. Necessary medicines, vaccination certificates, health insurance cards, passports or ID cards for the children should always be at hand. Beverages and provisions for the journey should not be missing. So that nothing spoils when you get stuck in a traffic jam, even when it’s hot, cool boxes that can be easily equipped with ice packs are helpful.

Conclusion: With good preparation, traveling by car is ideal for spending an unforgettable holiday with babies and small children. In summer, it is best to drive in the cooler evening hours or very early in the morning, before the main traffic starts to roll. The itinerary must be carefully planned. There is a break every two hours at the latest, unless the children are asleep. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxed car trip.

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