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Daniel Chand Net Worth

Daniel Chand is a respected international speaker and evangelist, having presented at conferences, television shows, the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, as well as traveling the globe preaching and helping those in need.

Chand discovered spirituality after living a life marked by violence and negativity. Spirituality helped lift his spirit and give him a sense of purpose in life.

Early Life and Education

Before turning to religion, Daniel was an amateur boxer living an angry and negative lifestyle that eventually resulted in him getting arrested and facing an 8 year prison term. While on bail however he met Jesus and everything changed for the better in his life.

Once released, he began seeking out people on the streets for whom to pray as Jesus did. Soon enough, sick patients were healed and new believers surrendered their lives to Christ across shopping centres, churches and hospitals – leading him to later graduate from Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism.

He now travels around preaching and equipping the saints. Along with Tanya, they have one daughter together and founded Walking Like Jesus Ministries to assist others in discovering and living out their true identities as strong children of God.

Professional Career

Chand has embarked on a global mission to spread the fundamental teachings of Christianity. He is especially committed to aiding those in need or ignored by society.

He travels throughout the world, preaching and equipping saints for ministry work. His apostolic zeal has earned him worldwide renown; featured on New Lifes National Christian Newspaper, iBelieve Magazine and TBN UK among many others.

Chand is the author of the book ‘Walking Like Jesus’ and is an internationally recognized speaker. He has appeared as a guest on various radio and television programs worldwide. Chand is married to Tanya and they share three children – Daniel, Bella, and Peter – all living in Laguna Hills California together with many friends and professional colleagues from around the globe.

Personal Life

Daniel Chand discovered through his journey away from addictions, darkness, and violence how powerful spirituality could be for both mind and soul. Spirituality helped transform him, leading him to embark upon his mission of lifting up future generations around him.

Chand is an evangelist who travels throughout the nations preaching the gospel and equipping saints. Married to Tanya and together they have one daughter. Chand’s passion lies in seeing people encounter God personally and accept their identity as strong children of the Most High; thus he founded Walking Like Jesus after graduating Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism; regularly preaching in churches, TV programs, street evangelism, witnessing thousands come to Christ over his ministry career.

Net Worth

Daniel Chan net worth is an established actor known for his beautiful singing voice and extensive evangelistic efforts. Featured on numerous media outlets such as New Lifes National Christian Newspaper, iBelieve Magazine and TBN UK;

In the 1990s, he shot to prominence for his portrayal of teenage Shum Chi Hong in First Love Unlimited. With his adorable baby face and lovely image, he became an instantaneous hit among Hong Kong girls of that era.

At present, he resides in the UK with his wife Tanya Chand and writes several books that have an immense following on social media platforms such as Instagram – earning significant revenues through book sales.

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