Daniel Whitmer

Daniel Whitmer Testified Thursday That He Did Not Agree to the Kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

On Thursday, former Marine Daniel Harris testified before a Michigan court about the allegations of joining a militia plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and blow up her vacation home bridge. While giving testimony before jurors, Daniel called an FBI informant a “b—-.”

Prosecutors have detailed a 2020 plot by Harris, Adam Fox, Barry Croft Jr. and Brandon Caserta who were dissatisfied with Gov. Abbott’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Whitmer was selected in the 14th round of both the 1978 amateur draft and 1980 rule 5 draft by both California Angels and Toronto Blue Jays before retiring in 1981.

As a recipient of various awards and fellowships, she has won many honors such as a Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship from Forschungszentrum Gottingen, an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellowship and research associateship at Universitat Erfurt. Her book Useful Natures: Science, Pedagogy, and Youth Power in Early Modernity investigates an early modern period when scholars, doctors, teachers, state leaders began drawing attention to potential uses of natural things as potential contributors to young people’s bodies and minds.

She currently heads a laboratory that conducts population-based studies in brain aging. Her current research focuses on three themes: 1) Ethnoracial disparities in brain health and dementia outcomes; 2) Early-life contributions to cognitive aging; and 3) Metabolic and vascular influences on brain aging.

Professional Career

After earning his degree from Ursinus College with a major in Intercultural Studies, Daniel Whitmer spent almost a decade living and working in Asia focusing on education, development and poverty alleviation. Later he went to Vincennes University as the Director of International and Multicultural Student Affairs.

He currently works at Indiana University Bloomington as the associate director for sponsored international students in OIS, where he loves meeting and working with talented students from different countries.

He serves on the Upper Peninsula Energy Task Force and boards of MISO States Organization and Mid-America Regulatory Conference. With a longstanding dedication to public service and community engagement, he strives to foster an equitable and welcoming environment.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Harris repeatedly denied agreeing to kidnap Whitmer and any plans for her death or injury, calling her an honest woman doing her job. Additionally, he denied pleading guilty to other charges including weapon and marijuana possession.

Defense attorneys grilled Chappel for hours during cross-examination. They focused on his claims that any 2020 scheme against Whitmer was driven by agents and informants — not rebels like Adam Fox and Barry Croft — who only wanted to bring down her administration.

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Personal Life

Daniel is a member of NAFSA and holds both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in intercultural studies from Indiana University Bloomington. With extensive international work experience – particularly in China and Korea working on education, development and poverty alleviation projects – in education, development and poverty reduction; Daniel joined IU Bloomington’s Office of International Services team in 2011 focusing on sponsored students. Additionally he travels widely representing IU while cultivating relationships with prospective international students as well as embassy officers around the globe.

Since 1982, he has served as Oswego State University’s part-time men’s lacrosse coach since 1982, leading their program to three league championships and USILA Coach of the Year honors twice. He enjoys writing and helping others; family life brings joy. When not coaching lacrosse he enjoys hiking, camping and sports activities.

Net Worth

Daniel Charles Whitmer is an American politician and baseball coach. During two seasons in Major League Baseball – 1980 with California Angels and 1981 with Toronto Blue Jays – he played predominantly as a catcher.

Whitmer’s political platform centers around healthcare, jobs, and education. She advocates for creating a public health insurance option in Michigan as well as legalization of abortion.

She places great emphasis on education, offering free community college tuition and low-cost childcare options as part of her policies.

Whitmer has also earned income through investments, according to her 2021 financial disclosure statement. According to this figure, her total assets surpass $2 Million without including joint assets with husband Dr. Marc Mallory, a dentist. However, the source of her wealth remains unknown.

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