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Dress Up Buttercup – Get to Know Dede Raad

Dress Up Buttercup is a blog written by Dede Raad (a 29-year old fashionista). She is 5′ 8″ tall and weighs in at 58 kg. Her black eyes and hair are long and wavy. She began working at Pine Cove as a teen camp counselor and later on, worked at Chateau Cocomar as a wedding coordinator and planner. Dede eventually started her own blog, posting fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. The blog became a very popular community in a short time.

Dede Raad

If you’re looking for a fashion blogger with a unique style and unique perspective on life, Dede Raad is the woman for you. Her blog Dress Up Buttercup features fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts from a uniquely diverse range of women. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Dede is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers online. Learn more about her career.

Raad started the dressup blog in 2015. In just over three years Raad has gained a lot of recognition. Raad has collaborated with luxury brands and partnered with Nordstrom to create capsule collections. She also wore $12 tops at home. Many major brands have noticed her success, including Target and Nordstrom, DSW, eBay and The Ritz-Carlton. She’s been rejected by dozens of collaboration opportunities, but she’s able keep up with the hundreds that come her way.

Dede is a model and fashion blogger. She also runs a full-service management business. Trend Management focuses on crafted partnerships and endorsements. It has already partnered with more than 20 clients since its inception in 2019. And she continues to expand her business to include more brands. Her husband’s involvement has allowed her to do what she loves: create fashion and lifestyle content.

Although the website was initially a lifestyle blog, it has grown to become an affiliate advertising platform. While Raad initially ignored the potential of her blog to grow, it has grown so rapidly that she now has assistants and a team of writers to help her maintain the site. Today, her blog has over a million followers and she makes as much money as she did from her oil job.

Dress Up Buttercup

“Dress up Buttercup!” is the latest craze among young bloggers, and readers love it. The popular style blog has become so popular, it has launched a branded capsule collection at Nordstrom and collaborated with luxury hotels. Its readers are so enthusiastic about the content, that the author even wore the $12 tops she designed herself at home! Raad has over 1,000,000 followers on Instagram and even her own fashion blog.

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