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Driftwood wonder

Driftwood is wood that has been torn from its subsoil by wind, tides, currents or other natural influences, smoothed by the water and bleached by the sun’s rays. Day after day it gets its unique appearance through the artistic creativity of nature and is in this way wonderfully suitable for the creation of numerous accessories and works of art. Driftwood inspires the perception with its simple ability to transform, which gives free rein to the imagination and extraordinary development. True masterpieces are created that even show sustainability and support our appreciation of nature and its resources.


If you collect driftwood in order to tinker with it, you should make sure that it has not dried too much, as this can cause drying cracks very quickly. Wood is alive and if the temperature and moisture change occurs too rapidly, this increases the formation of cracks. For this reason, the driftwood should not be allowed to dry in direct sunlight or on the heater. Driftwood absorbs a lot of water, although it may already look dry to our eyes, in most cases it is still damp inside. It is therefore advisable to let the driftwood dry slowly and evenly on newspaper at room temperature. Only after it has completely dried out does it make sense to completely remove unwanted residues, sand or soil from the wood. After that, it’s ready to be styled in whatever shape and color you want. You need some tools and materials such as wood rasp, sandpaper, chisels, fine saws, wood glue, wire, hemp thread, nails, hooks, paints and beeswax balm to make the driftwood more durable and water-repellent. Everything else is a question of your own creativity and ingenuity.

driftwood as wall decoration

Can’t think of any idea? You will then certainly be surprised how many beautiful works and decorations can be designed and made from driftwood. Whole pieces of furniture are even feasible. In order to surprise and amaze you, we have put together many breathtaking photos of works and decorations made of driftwood in our picture gallery. They all surprise you nicely! Better let yourself be convinced! Take a look!








driftwood pendant light


mirror-with-frame-made of driftwood


furniture-and-home-accessories-made from driftwood

lamp-base made of driftwood





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