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Five ideas for a unique living room style


The living room is the real heart of the house. The whole family gathers here for an evening film, receives friends for a game night and reads a book on the cozy sofa. If there is one room in the house that you should also create your own personal style in, it is undoubtedly the living room.

You can create an inspiring and stylish interior with very simple and inexpensive means. There are no hard and fast rules for organizing and decorating a modern living room. Here we show you our ideas that are sure to give your living room a fresh touch.


Stone, wood, natural dyeing methods, avoiding artificial plants, energy-saving technologies and supporting local production – all that and much more that gives us the opportunity to be closer to nature. Mosaics and textile details come and go depending on the time of year, but wood details remain in vogue forever. In addition to the feeling of warmth, natural materials are usually attractive because of their uniqueness. Designers recommend using natural materials, such as wood or stone, for decoration. If you want something a little more extravagant, you can decorate the wall with hand-painted or colored plaster.

Organic wood elements living room
Image: © archideaphoto / Adobe Stock

There are very interesting modifications to the wallpaper – imitation trees and stones. They look so impressive that it seems like the wall is really covered in these natural materials.


Today people also want to express themselves artistically in their interiors. Using numerous styles and textures allows them to do this to the fullest. It’s okay to both keep things consistent and mix materials and textures together. You can bravely mix the old and new invoices, the graphic black details and romantic velvet – why not! Layered and versatile rooms look comfortable and create a feeling of cosiness and security.


The wall is the perfect canvas to embody creative impulses. Despite the variety of new products, the classics are still in fashion – including photo wallpapers with roses that you can find here. This finishing option gives the interior a touch of elegance and romance, which millions of people have chosen. The rose is the queen of flowers, which is why it’s worth talking about its appropriate use in just about any home decor. Wall murals with roses in different colors and shapes can profitably revive any interior, be it modern or classic. You can use any type of Roses on the Photo wallpaper print as they can all easily complement a luxurious living room. Dusty rose wallpapers can be a great solution for a classic bedroom, and vintage floral wallpapers are also a perfect complement to a stylish living room.


The right lighting is important for the mood of the interior, makes it functional and is also responsible for comfort. Opt for different “atmospheric” lighting fixtures that illuminate different parts of the room. Nevertheless, not all lamps in a room have to be functional: in order to create a relaxed environment, purely decorative light sources are sometimes required. For example stylish table lamps or lanterns that simulate candlelight.

A competent light distribution helps to hide the lack of space. Among other things, hanging chandeliers and bowl-shaped lamps increase the ceiling, while the lamps with shadows, in contrast, visually reduce the height of the room.

Lighting living room
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A cozy environment that is easy to create with the right lighting will help you relax and unwind.


The easiest way to freshen up the interior is to arrange small flower arrangements around the house. In a bouquet of flowers or in flower pots, they bring cosiness to every living room and thus help to revitalize the room.

Innenraum Begruenung
Image: © Vadim Andrushchenko / Adobe Stock

With green plants, every interior appears livelier and more harmonious. Set up a small garden in a bookcase. Add small plants to your favorite books and memorabilia. In this regard, lianas are good: they will beautifully entwine your favorite pieces. Flowers in vases, pots on the walls, pots on the windowsill or in the closet, fig cups on the floor, florariums on the table – all of these look great in any interior!


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