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Raising our children is a very sensitive matter for an incredible number of reasons. We all try hard to get the best out of every situation. Each of us – whether in the role of a mom or a dad – has a picture of how one would like to see oneself as a parent. You set goals, constantly question yourself, far too often exceed your own energy level, and sometimes run into walls when you run out of known resources for your own child.

Who is actually educating whom here?

Girl sulks about mother

Upbringing is not always pleasant for our children. Children need fixed structures, rules and boundaries, but of course every now and then worlds collide before they can merge. This applies to the 4-year-old whirlwind and the 14-year-old teenager, as well as to mom and dad.

Because even parents feel in some phases that they seem to have lost their way for weeks. Then it happens that the whole of everyday life is supposedly on the brink. A normal family life can hardly be thought of any more. Everything is fixed on the conflict and thus determines the daily routine. At the end of the day, the question arises who is actually educating whom.

Such situations do not just happen literally in the “best families”. Therefore, one should never bury one’s head in the sand. If there is a conflict between partners in questions of upbringing, or if you can no longer meet everyday life and the needs of the family together, you can – without having to be ashamed – think about seeking professional help from outside.

Parent courses give security and encourage courage

The important things first: Parents courses are not a stamp that you put on your forehead!

When parents actively think about the fact that certain things could go better in everyday life, then that is something very commendable. Something that should be supported and encouraged.

Parent courses cover the most important issues in raising children. They are completely and realistically oriented towards everyday life with a child. There is a lot of space to exchange ideas with other parents. This is how you learn that you are not alone with your worries. But there is also a lot of laughter. Because you recognize yourself and your child all too often in one situation or another.

Parents courses in a nutshell:

  • professional management of the courses
  • practical solutions for everyday situations in education
  • Courage and security in dealing with children
  • Recognize mistakes as a learning experience
  • Appreciative attitude – consistent action

Contents of the parenting courses (not complete):

  • Dealing with Conflicts
  • Set or grant limits and freedom
  • Everyday situations (going to bed; disputes; eating habits, consumption in leisure time)
  • Respectful interaction with one another
  • Listening to one another and having conversations

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