George Goldman

George Goldman

George Goldman, a psychoanalyst, published a case report in 1938 about a woman who became obsessed with handwashing. This case report was featured in The Psychoanalytic Quarterly magazine.

Goldman was an eminent psychologist and public figure. He served on the National Association for Public Policy Analysis’s board and served on the New York Institute for Technology’s advisory council.

Early Life and Education

George Goldman was a renowned author and screenwriter best known for his work on movies such as The Princess Bride, Marathon Man and All the President’s Men. Additionally, he penned several novels and works of nonfiction.

He was raised in a family of businessmen, and went on to earn both his bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College in Ohio and master’s in English from Columbia University in New York.

He began his writing career with The Temple of Gold (1952), published the following year. This was followed by Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole (1961) which his brother James co-wrote alongside him; A Family Affair followed in 1962.

Professional Career

As an expert in economics, George Goldman contributed to developing cost-benefit analyses on a wide variety of public policy issues. He often collaborated with colleagues and extension clients to conduct objective, evidence-based research on contentious subjects such as urban forestry, wetlands, agriculture, agritourism, whitefly proliferation, nutrition education, drip irrigation systems, regional economic development initiatives, prison industries policies greenhouse gas policies recycling programs and tax cuts.

He served on the advisory board of the American Enterprise Institute and currently, several former Goldman employees are serving in government positions such as Rueben Jeffery III (under secretary of state for economic, business and agricultural affairs), Evan McMullin (house committee on foreign affairs) and James Donovan (Treasury Department deputy secretary).

Achievements and Honors

George has earned numerous prestigious awards for his academic work and is widely regarded as a leading scholar of contemporary American theatre. His publications span across adaptation and performance, race relations, and whiteness in American theatre.

His courses range from Performance Studies and Theatre of the Holocaust, through Adaptation, Acting, Playwriting, Film & Media productions, Tennessee Williams’ Worlds as well as many more special topics.

He has worked with a range of community partners on creative theatrical projects and is frequently invited to serve as convener or moderator for multi-disciplinary Town Hall sessions. Furthermore, he co-directs the Lab Fellows Program funded by Mellon Foundation which brings together ten inspiring artists from around the world for an intensive cross-disciplinary learning experience.

Personal Life

George Goldman dedicated much of his life to the care and comfort of his family. He and his wife took their kids on backpacking and cabin by the lake trips, while he also showed great affection towards animals of all kinds.

George served in the United States Air Force for 20 years and deployed 10 times abroad. When he decided to make a career change, his mentor encouraged him to pursue an MBA.

But applying to Wharton was one of the scariest decisions he’d ever made, as it would affect his young family. Fortunately, he and his wife were strong enough to go “all in” together and make the transition from military life.

George was actively involved with clubs such as the Veterans Club, Finance Club, rugby and Venture Fellows while at Wharton. Furthermore, his class schedule provided him with more time for family than he ever could have anticipated.

Net Worth

George Goldman’s net worth has now exceeded $1 billion, making him one of the richest people on Earth. His fortune comes from his numerous businesses, such as Buzz Media – an entertainment media outlet.

He has made a substantial fortune in the financial industry. As an acclaimed investor, he holds stakes in several companies such as Lululemon and eBay.

He owns a substantial number of Goldman shares and invests regularly on the stock market. Furthermore, he has been an outspoken proponent for improved compensation standards within finance.

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