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Greenery – the Pantone color of the year 2017

Every winter the designer world eagerly awaits the announcement of the “Pantone Color of the Year”. And for 2017, the experts at the color institute decided on a breath of fresh air. The color chosen for this year 2017 is Greenery, a shade of green that is crispy, bright and influenced by the colors of nature. If we could “dig into blooming foliage” and “look into the opulence of the great outdoors, then we would discover this Pantone color, this green“ nature neutral ”. That’s exactly true! We have to admit! We also feel inspired by this calming green and today we want to seduce you into its breathtaking world! We show you 10 picture examples for modern rooms and show you that Greenery can be used anywhere. With our photos we also want to prove that this lively yellow-green works well in every room at home and brings a lot of freshness to the ambience.

The color experts at Pantone advise: Think of “the first days of spring when the green of nature comes back to life”. This green symbolizes the vitality and your personal passions. That is why Greenery is the perfect color that you can use almost anywhere in your own four walls and set great color accents with it.


The trend color greenery really comes into its own in this entrance area.

This entrance area delivers a double dose of the trend color greenery. It’s printed on the wallpaper and we see it on the upholstered velvet chairs. The soft hue can be wonderfully paired with the creamy shade of white on the door. This is how this lively green comes into its own.

green cake barrier

Light green kitchen fronts are masterfully paired with the patterned ceiling design.

This attic apartment has an open living concept and coolly presents the kitchen with the light green kitchen cabinets and a playful patterned ceiling design.


Greenery is only used here on the kitchen rear wall and immediately attracts attention

In this modern kitchen, the interior designers have chosen a grass-green color for the rear wall of the kitchen and thus put it in the limelight.


A picturesque dining room offers a wonderful panoramic view of the great outdoors.

This picturesque dining room brings us directly outside and offers a wonderful view through its floor-to-ceiling windows directly into the great outdoors. A rural wooden dining table is flanked by two apple-green upholstered dining chairs that blend nicely with the surrounding green.


A modest use of a subtle shade of Greenery completes the look of this modern eat-in kitchen

This modern eat-in kitchen has a calming room look, which is actually also due to the soft green shading. A more subdued shade of yellow-green has been combined with a lot of light wood.


Greenery on two comfortable chairs refreshes this moody charcoal-gray breakfast niche

Perhaps you prefer an unusual color tone? Then choose a livelier shade of green like the upholstery on these modern mid-century chairs that add a dose of brightness to the moody charcoal-gray breakfast niche


A lot of cosiness prevails in this living room and study

This space is proof that green works just as well in a traditionally decorated home. Warm brown gray and milk white play well with a green, zebra-striped carpet and striped armchair with a high backrest.


The cozy look of this bedroom is rounded off by the green velvet curtains.

This cheerful, all-white bedroom is skillfully rounded off by heavy, green velvet curtains. This gives you a completely balanced look in the bedroom.


A children’s room with a very fresh look, thanks to the trend color 2017 Greenery

This nursery looks very romantic. Firstly, it is on the roof and the sloping roof is perfectly integrated into the interior. Second, sky blue and coral mix with green textiles, which corresponds exactly to the latest color trends in interior design. The effect is fresh and playful and gives young and old residents the familiar feeling that they are right at home.


Graphic grapevines in Greenery are undoubtedly absolute eye-catchers in this modern space

Graphic vines in Greenery decorate the walls in this stylish ladies’ room. The subtle color is successfully combined with the white of the wall cladding and both actually result in the perfect look in this room.

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