Henry Litman

Henry Litman

Henry Litman is an attorney, legal commentator, and host of the Talking Feds podcast. He teaches constitutional law at UCLA and UC San Diego as well as having taught at Princeton, Georgetown, Rutgers and University of Pittsburgh. Additionally he maintains a small law practice representing whistleblowers under the False Claims Act.

He has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television programs.

Early Life and Education

Henry Litman grew up in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood as the son of two lawyers and civil liberties advocates. At his high school in Pittsburgh he graduated as a Presidential Scholar before going on to Harvard College for his BA degree before enrolling at University of California Berkeley Law School where he became editor-in-chief of their California Law Review publication.

Litman served as a clerk to Abner Mikva and Supreme Court Justices Thurgood Marshall and Anthony Kennedy on their Supreme Court benches. He now writes the legal affairs column for Los Angeles Times’s Op-Ed page as well as contributing to Washington Post. Furthermore, Litman teaches constitutional law and federalism at both UCLA and UCSD.

He is married to Julie Roskies and lives with their three children in La Jolla, CA. Julie shares updates from his professional life on social media handles associated with their household.

Professional Career

Henry Litman is best known as the host of “Talking Feds,” an audio podcast featuring former federal officials, prominent political and legal figures discussing current events. Additionally, Henry founded “Talking Books,” wherein extended interviews are conducted with notable contemporary authors.

Litman has held positions as both a federal prosecutor and deputy assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice during his career. Additionally, he currently teaches constitutional law at UCLA and UC San Diego while writing legal affairs columns for Los Angeles Times opinion pages and being featured as an expert commentator on CNN and MSNBC programs.

He currently serves as Senior Director for the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC), working to identify products, markets and opportunities where green bank-style capital can help accelerate transitioning towards carbon free economy. In addition, he is adjunct Professor of Supreme Court Law at Michigan Law School.

Achievement and Honors

Harry Litman is an internationally recognized individual who has accomplished much throughout his life. His achievements have earned him many honors and made him one of the world’s most beloved individuals, inspiring countless individuals with his inspiring success story.

He was honored with selection to Super Lawyers from 2005 – 2006. His practice includes General Litigation and Criminal Defense: White Collar and Appellate matters. Furthermore, he belongs to both the American Bar Association as well as serving on various community organizations’ boards of directors.

He currently teaches Constitutional Law at UCLA and UCSD as well as Georgetown, UC Berkeley, Pittsburgh University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers-Camden Law Schools. Additionally he has published numerous articles related to constitutional law, national security law and federalism as well as being a regular contributor in both print and broadcast media outlets.

Personal Life

Harry Litman is a senior legal affairs columnist for the Los Angeles Times and regularly contributes to Lawfare and appears as a legal analyst on national news shows such as MSNBC and CNN. Additionally, he hosts his popular Talking Feds podcast series.

He can often be heard on NPR’s All Things Considered program and occasionally appears on The Rachel Maddow Show. Additionally, his work has been showcased on BBC and France 24.

His marriage to Julie Roskies Litman and three children has created an active household. In his community he serves on various boards of organizations such as the Brady Center. In addition, he teaches constitutional and national security law courses at UCLA and UC San Diego while being an advisor at USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy.

Net Worth

Harry Litman is an esteemed American lawyer, law professor, and political commentator renowned for his expertise in False Claims Law and Whistleblower law. Currently serving as Senior Legal Affairs Columnist of Los Angeles Times’ Opinion Page; also teaching Constitutional Law at UCLA and UCSD respectively he makes regular comments on CBS Evening News, This Morning & NPR as well as MSNBC & CNN as regular commentator specializing in False Claims / Whistleblower law cases

His marriage to Julie Roskies Litman and their three children has brought great happiness. Unfortunately, more details about his personal life remain undisclosed.

He is an advocate of civil liberties and free speech, supporting numerous organizations that uphold those ideals. Additionally, he has given several talks at universities and conferences about these subjects.

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