How do I deal with an intern?

How do I deal with an intern?

This six-point checklist will help you: Applying for the internship. The path to a successful internship starts right at the beginning with the application process. To take time. Be open to questions. relinquish responsibility. Set demanding tasks. Socially involved.

What does an employer expect from an employee?

Opportunities for advancement: Employees expect to be able to advance professionally. This also includes offering and supporting further training measures in the form of leave of absence and assumption of costs. Good pay: Everyone wants good pay.

What do employees want?

In a current study by ZEIT, more than 80 percent of the employees surveyed named feeling comfortable there as the most important aspect of their work. They want to be able to work more independently and flexibly and have a say in decisions.

What skills are important in the workplace?

Everyone has certain competencies that are important in everyday life and especially when exercising their profession….business skills. soft skills. communication skills. teamwork. Personal skills. Social skills. Eisenhower principle. Business Competences.

Why are competencies so important?

Competences are abilities to act creatively and self-organized in open, unmanageable, complex, dynamic and sometimes chaotic situations – self-organization disposition. Competencies are therefore about being able to intuitively retrieve knowledge in unmanageable and difficult situations.

What are the different competencies?

Then 4 competence groups are differentiated, to which sub-competences are assigned: Personal competence (P) Loyalty. Normative-ethical attitude. Activity and action competence (A) Energy. Mobility. Social-Communicative Competence (S) Ability to communicate. Technical and methodological competence (F) Technical knowledge.

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