How does a bachelor’s degree work?

How does a bachelor’s degree work?

A bachelor’s degree usually lasts six to eight semesters, a subsequent master’s degree two to four. You can find out how many semesters your course lasts in the examination regulations. A standard period of study is specified there. Sometimes you have to apply for additional semesters first.

How many credits do you need to be admitted to the bachelor thesis?

The bachelor thesis can generally be started in the 6th semester at the earliest. At least 130 ECTS must be achieved (FPOs new 40).

How much do you have to learn during your studies?

The German Student Union found in its latest social survey: 31 percent of students spend more than 50 hours per week on study and job. “The brain capacity is limited, but you cannot learn more than 35 hours a week in a meaningful way.” Nobody has to do away with their free time.

How many hours of study per week?

On average, the workload for a full-time study is around 40 hours per week. These 40 hours refer not only to the time you spend in the lecture hall, but also to the preparation and follow-up work for the seminars and studying for exams.

How many hours of full-time study?

Full-time studies In full-time studies, you spend around 40 hours per week on the study. During this time you attend courses such as seminars or lectures.

How many teaching hours per week at the university?

10 to 12 hours are realistic if you want to have a weekend and a little vacation. That can sometimes be less, but the work will catch up with you at the latest in your legal clerkship. It depends on how many modules you are taking.

How many hours per semester?

As a rule, the courses cover 12 hours per week per semester (attendance times). The rest is reserved for self-study (240 hours per module).

How many courses per semester?

How many modules / courses should I complete per semester? Each semester, study achievements totaling approx. 30 credit points (CP) should be achieved, which are spread across your core subject, the module (s) and the subject area “General Vocational Preparation” (ABV).

How many ECTS per semester for BAfög?

Normally, 30 ECTS credits are allocated per semester in bachelor’s and master’s programs. You should therefore have achieved 120 ECTS credits by the end of the fourth semester. Fewer points are often sufficient for a successful BAföG performance certificate.

How many ECTS are possible?

60 ECTS. The general tenor was that 30 ECTS def. possible are. Of course, this depends on the respective work situation!

How many ECTS per semester for family allowance?

For the first year of study, a proof of academic success of 16 ECTS points (or eight hours per week) from elective or compulsory subjects of the current course or a partial examination of the first diploma examination (the first Rigorosum) must be provided (one-time proof of achievement); or for the exams of …

How many ECTS for child benefit?

At the age of 16, you must provide your tax office with proof of academic success for the first year of study with 16 ECTS points from elective and compulsory subjects or a partial examination of the first diploma examination (the first Rigorosum); or you indicate for the exams of the introductory and orientation phase (STEOP) …

How many ECTS per semester at the University of Vienna?

On average, you can complete your studies with a minimum of 30 ECTS points per semester. Please note that you have to complete the introductory and orientation phase (STEOP) at the beginning of every bachelor’s degree before you can attend further courses.

When do I have to repay the family allowance?

Repayment of the family allowance If you have not provided proof of performance, but the tax office continues to pay out the family allowance by mistake after the verification period has expired, this wrongly received family allowance must also be repaid.

When do I have to repay the scholarship?

The completion of the funded studies must be submitted to the scholarship office no later than 12 months after the last payment. Otherwise, the entire graduation grant must be repaid.

When do I have to apply for family allowance?

The amount of child benefit (family allowance) for children is 114 euros from birth, 121.90 euros from 3 years, 141.50 euros from 10 years and 165.10 euros from 19 years.

How much can I earn to receive family allowance?

Since January 1, 2020, however, a maximum of 15,000 euros gross taxable income per calendar year may be earned, both as an employee and as a self-employed person.

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