How to: Small guide to quad sales

A small guide to quad sales can help to find a satisfied buyer for your vehicle as quickly as possible, after all there are a number of different ways to sell your car these days; used car portals or purchase platforms like can be used to determine the value. In the case of quads, determining the price for sale is more problematic. Due to the smaller amount of used quads on the market, a lower potential for success can be expected here. The following sections list ways of presenting a quad effectively, which wear parts to look out for and how to determine a reliable price so that the quad sale is as profitable as possible and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Small guide to quad sales: Determination of the optimal sales value for a quad

Two variants can be used to determine a sales price for a quad. This includes, on the one hand, visiting an appropriate dealer who offers these vehicles. Here the private seller can not only get extensive advice, but also request an offer. Small guide to quad sales: If you want to sell your used ATV or quad privately, you have to keep up with dealers who offer a guarantee in the event of damageIt is important with such an offer that a dealer commission must always be taken into account with these offers. Accordingly, the private seller should add the specified sales price to the respective dealer commission to determine the price in order to obtain an authentic price. The important thing to know about the commission is that it can vary by dealer, quad model, region and even time of year. In general, however, a dealer commission of between 5 and 8 percent of the sales price can be expected.
If the dealer already has the same model in his range of used quads, it is always an advantage to appear as a putative buyer in order to find out the dealer price. The respective arguments and attempts at persuasion by the retailer can also flow into the sales description of their own advertisement.
However, it must be borne in mind that the retailer – unlike a private seller – must assume a warranty in the event of damage after the resale. Buyers know this and therefore accept a higher used vehicle price from a dealer than when buying from a private individual.

Internet search

The second way to determine the price is to search for a similar quad on the Internet and use the price given here as a basis for your own pricing. However, it must be remembered that the prices quoted in the relevant online exchanges are non-negotiated offer prices. What is actually paid for a vehicle in the end can sometimes deviate significantly from these values.

Which wearing parts should be replaced before sale

In order to get a good price for the quad, it can be worth swapping out common wearing parts before you sell them. In this way, the selling price can be increased by 5 to 10 percent. Important wearing parts that should be changed are:

  • the air filter,
  • the axle boots,
  • the chain and
  • the spark plugs.

Furthermore, all broken parts on the quad to be sold should be repaired and an oil change made. But here, too, it is worth comparing, since some components are too expensive to buy new and there is no additional profit when selling them. A general answer as to which parts absolutely must be replaced cannot be given due to the different models and acquisition costs of the parts.

modifications and accessories

Built-in accessories do not necessarily lead to a higher selling price. First of all, street conversions and expansive luggage boxes, for example, are not to everyone’s taste, and for off-road use of the vehicles should be Small guide to quad sales: Used two- or four-cylinder Exeet centimes still fetch top prices years later - even if you sometimes have to search for a while for a buyer who appreciates the quality and value of these vehicles and is willing to make the appropriate one to pay equivalent for itIn any case, care must be taken to ensure that installed accessories can be easily retrofitted. Secondly, information such as ‘tuning kit’ reveals increased stress and wear and tear, which tends to reduce the value of the car when it is sold.
The situation is different when it comes to special conversions by recognized customizing professionals. For example, Exeet two- and four-cylinder PIMPs and E.-ATV KTM conversions still fetch top prices years later, although it sometimes takes a while to find a buyer who appreciates the quality and value of these vehicles and is willing is to pay the appropriate consideration for it.
The so-called LoF conversions for ATVs and quads with full power are taken for granted in Germany. Selling a 50 hp ATV or quad with sales price approval and a power of 21 hp in the papers in this country should be extremely difficult, quite apart from the legal problems, even in the case of private sales.

The first impression

Many buyers attach great importance to the high-quality appearance of the used quads. Accordingly, in our little guide to selling a quad, we recommend carrying out optical repair work. Particularly noteworthy here is the thorough cleaning of the quad, the paint repair and the revision of the PVC parts with plastic refresher. The better the appearance of the quad, the higher the sales prices that can be achieved. After all, a flawless external appearance also implies conscientious technical maintenance of the vehicle. If the quad also has a valid exhaust gas and main inspection as well as a completely filled out service checkbook, an additional price increase of 10 to 15 percent can be achieved.

Importance of the correct sales description

If you want to sell the quad over the Internet, you should create a comprehensive and precise sales description with numerous photos. In addition, the description should state which services were rendered before the sale, in particular the replacement of the specified wearing parts and the renewal of the main and exhaust gas inspection. Thus, interested parties can get an accurate picture of the quad over the Internet in order to make a better decision for or against a purchase. In addition, a better description of the sale draws more attention to the offer and thus leads to a faster sale at good prices. Originality can also play a role here; for example, the Opel Tigra of a family man who told his life story brought in a whopping 2,580 euros instead of the expected 800 euros. x

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