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Interior design ideas: current trends in floor design for 2017

The floor design has always been very important for the overall look of a room. However, it is becoming even more important within modern design. The reason for this is that very often modern apartments are carried out in a minimalist, simple style. This has something to do with our striving for harmony and balance. Within such concepts, the floor can be seen as an accent that enlivens the mood and yet does not spoil the simple overall impression.
The interior design ideas below will illustrate how exactly this works. They are also representative of the current trends in floor design for 2017.

Bodengestaltung Parkettboden

The parquet floor is celebrating its big comeback this year!

Modern parquet floor

The classic is also in demand this year, and it can be introduced through the floor design. Minimalist and Scandinavian designs with parquet floors are ideal models in this regard. A room with a monochrome color palette can be wonderfully heated by such a parquet floor. Otherwise it could seem too cool and strange.

Grau Beton Bodenbelag topaktuell Innendesign

Gray was current last year, but this year it will also remain one of the popular interior colors

Gray color palettes

Various shades of gray were super up-to-date in 2016. But in some contexts they remain modern this year as well. The great floor design in gray would make the interior design appear both sober and luxurious and thus inviting. Combinations with wood and other natural materials are recommended.

Innendesign Retro Stil Holz mit Glanzoberfläche Bodengestaltung

Wood with a glossy surface is currently very much in demand in interiors

Floor design in “Blonde”

Floors made of wood or similar materials with a glossy surface are called “blonde” in English-speaking countries. They are a great idea if you want to achieve interior design with a soft and warm look. This type of floor design looks very classic, but can also be used in a modern ambience and provide a welcome contrast.

weiße Wände deko ideen innendesign ideen

All in white – tempting and fresh

Floor painted in white

The wooden floor design is obviously super popular in 2017. But that is only true if it is interpreted in various interesting, original ways. Contrasting appearance and individuality are also very important.
Floors painted in white look vintage and individual. They are a special designer recommendation for 2017.

esszimmer schöne wohnideen boden holzoptik

Wood-look flooring continues to enjoy great popularity

Environmentally friendly alternatives

The environmentally friendly floor design with a wood look is another important trend in 2017. Bamboo and cork are often used here. On the one hand, these are particularly environmentally friendly and, on the other hand, super practical in many ways.

Bodengestaltung Beton ideen

Concrete is conquering interior design

Concrete floor design

Very sustainable and modern – that is the charisma of the concrete floor design. If you want to stay up-to-date this year and want a facility that looks modern in the long run, then you can rely on concrete flooring.

Gemusterte geometrische Bodenfliesen

Patterned tiles are very trendy right now

Terrazzo and patterned tiles

The terrazzo style and the patterned tiles are another option for modern floor design. You can give your minimalist apartment a Mediterranean flair, more exoticism and freshness.
The examples shown for floor design are of course not only suitable for minimalist interiors. But it is precisely in these that they come into their own. They make it possible to give the apartment design its own character and charming charisma despite the otherwise restrained effect and materials that are not too expensive.

interessant gemusterte Bodenfliesen rustikaler ideen

Patterned floor tiles always look interesting

gemusterte Fliesen Inneneinrichtungsideen schönes Ambiente

Furnish your home according to your own ideas

mosaik fliesen kreative ideen

Wood and all its imitations are now in demand in interior design

Bodengestaltung Ideen Inneneinrichtung Klassik Holzdielen

Rely on the classic – wooden floorboards!

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