Liam Lowery

Liam Lowery on Death, Sex, and Money

Liam Lowery is a queer transgender writer and law student specializing in transgender rights advocacy. His writing addresses race, class and ability within the transgender community.

Lowery helped Northwestern improve its defensive stance during his inaugural year as assistant coach, ranking third in the Big Ten and 22nd nationally for scoring defense.

Early Life and Education

Lowery was known for his aggressive play and competitive spirit during his three years at SIU, leading the Salukis to two Missouri Valley Conference titles and winning 283 games as a player. His efforts were recognized for creating two Missouri Valley Conference championships.

Lowery graduated from Shenandoah University with a master’s degree in voice pedagogy for commercial styles and taught there before joining the Navy faculty. He has also performed professionally as both singer and actor throughout New York City.

WNYC’s Anna Roth and Marisa Carroll speak with Liam Lowery about his romantic story with Marisa Carroll; how they met while he was going through transition to become trans men. While theirs is an inspiring tale, their experience also serves as a cautionary tale regarding understanding gender’s impact in everyday life and being open and honest about these matters.

Professional Career

Liam Lowery of Shenandoah Academy speaks on WNYC’s Death, Sex and Money podcast about falling deeply in love with Marisa Carroll while transitioning. Their lovely New York couple shows listeners that falling in love while someone undergoes transition can be as natural and normal as any other change in life.

He is an urban landscape painter whose vivid paintings draw upon Manchester as a source of inspiration. His works have been shown at several public galleries and can be found in collections across the country. Additionally, his writing has appeared in Marie Claire and The Toast magazines; furthermore he acts as mentor for SkillsUSA- an organization which helps students develop workplace skills necessary for today’s economy.

Achievement and Honors

Lowery’s films may not all be commercial hits, but they all exhibit formal elegance and diversity. His films range from westerns to experimental pieces that explore life’s biggest questions.

Lowery played an instrumental role in Saluki basketball’s revitalization under legendary head coach Rich Herrin from 1991-1994, winning two Missouri Valley Conference Championships and an NCAA Tournament appearance before being honored with induction into its Hall of Fame in 2004.

Lowery has led the Wildcats to two 25-win seasons in 2017-18 and 2018-19 as head coach, producing several All-Stars and All-Defensive Team players along the way. He also served as an assistant coach with USA Basketball teams; being honored as such with membership on their Coaching Committee in 2017.

Personal Life

As a youngster, Lowry was an outcast and shy child; his mother Elizabeth discouraged his desire to become an artist and instead encouraged him toward pursuing business studies instead. Over time however, Elizabeth came to recognize and value Lowry’s art and supported his studies further.

Lowery led SIU to two consecutive Missouri Valley Conference titles during his time there and produced several All-American players like Darren Brooks and Jamaal Tatum as All-Defensive Team honorees, five All-Freshmen selections, as well as being recognized on multiple All-Freshmen teams.

Liam’s transition was simultaneous to meeting Marisa. They discuss how they managed their love life while managing Liam’s transition and working to adopt a baby together, making the adoption process as seamless as possible.

Net Worth

These New York lovebirds had a classic New York romance story: coffee dates, Facebook flirting and fantastic sex were hallmarks of success – until Liam revealed her transgender identity to an adoption agency they were working with to find birth parents for him through adoption. They had to decide whether or not this revealed his sexual orientation would affect future adoption decisions as they navigated that journey together.

Lowery, 20, admitted burglary when appearing before Swindon Crown Court. His lawyer Emma Handlslip stated he had been working to earn money by acting as lookout for a group who ransacked a home in West Gomeldon, Somerset and looted it without his knowledge. Judge Jason Taylor QC stated, referring to Lowery: “In essence, you have chosen not to comply with court proceedings”.

Liam Lowery is a queer transgender individual and law student specializing in transgender legal advocacy within the US. His research examines how race, class and ability influence transgender experience.

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