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Living ideas in the coastal style or how you can bring a fresh sea breeze into your own interior

Surely you know what it smells like on the seashore. A fresh breeze comes from the azure blue water and swirls in the hair of those who like to walk on the beach. The spectrum of sensations and impressions right by the sea is wide – from the shells in the golden-yellow sand to screeching seagulls to the breathtaking panoramic view that awaits our eyes. On the coast you breathe easier, enjoy nature and forget all everyday problems. There life appears calm, beautiful and harmonious. Do you want to enjoy this feeling in your home too? We have great, very modern living ideas in coastal style ready for you. In the following we show how you can bring a fresh breeze into your four walls with typical colors for the beach, matching furniture and decorative items. Stick with it and let it inspire you for your own coastal style decor!

A modern coastal style living room looks very airy and inviting at the same time.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Hellgrau hohe Grünpflanze sehr luftig einladend

This bedroom is done in neutral colors, especially white, combined with light wood.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil modernes Schlafzimmer in neutralen Farben Weiß helles Holz

Before we start with our coastal style living ideas, let’s stress it in advance: all of the coastal style living ideas presented here are borrowed directly from modern coastal and beach houses! Their furnishings have definitely changed, modernized and, for the most part, simplified in recent years. The color palette also varies there and is currently tending towards neutral tones. For example, coastal and beach houses used to be brightly colored, with lots of red and coral. A few years ago, strong blues such as navy blue and turquoise were predominant in a seaside home. Now these look a bit dated as the coastal style living ideas have been updated according to the latest interior design trends. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the end result!

White and gray-white are the dominant colors in this room. Decorative pillows in white and black stand out immediately against the neutral background

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Wohnzimmer in Weiß und Grauweiß Deko Kissen in Weiß Schwarz

  • Neutral colors dominate the modern living ideas in the coastal style

Neutral shades are very trendy for many furnishing and decorating styles. Especially with living ideas in the coastal style, they appear beautiful, even luxurious. Our advice on modern coastal style color schemes is: mix up different neutral shades to keep your interior from feeling dull. For example, the following color pairs are particularly popular – white and white-gray, light brown and beige, light brown and light gray. You can add subtle color accents to make your room look more interesting and personalized. For example, a little light aqua, sky blue or even turquoise refresh the room enormously. Splashes in a neutral color are also the perfect idea to freshen up a white area of ​​the room. Modern living ideas in the coastal style make it possible to break through the monotony in a room. In addition, they make the room appear airy and unrestricted.

Visual accents in aqua and sand color make this bedroom look gorgeous.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil traumhaftes Schlafzimmer Akzente in Aqua und Sandfarbe

Colors, patterns and decorative elements are in absolute balance here.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Farben Muster Deko Elemente im Ausgleich

The above neutral colors are currently a hot trend in coastal style home decor. However, white remains the most popular choice when it comes to the color design of modern coastal-style spaces. This can be easily combined with light-stained wooden furniture. The next pictures could certainly convince you of that.

White, beige and a soft shade of navy blue in a perfect combination.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Weiß Beige Sandfarbe sanfte Schattierung von Marineblau

Modern living ideas in the coastal style include a mix of neutral colors.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil modernes Wohnzimmer neutrale Farben Hellgrau Wei0 Beige

The skilfully selected color palette blurs the boundaries between inside and outside.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Hellgrau Dunkelblau herrlicher Panoramablick

  • Modern living ideas in the coastal style allow outdoor-inspired furniture into the interior

This is also a strong trend in modern living ideas – the boundaries between inside and outside are blurring. For example, in the decor in the coastal style, it is well seen if you not only opt for modern and comfortable furniture for the interior, but also add some pieces of furniture, especially for the outdoor area, to the interior. Such are .B. wicker furniture made of rattan or poly rattan such as chairs, armchairs, benches, chests, sideboards and others. Small accessories made of sugar cane are currently a trendy decoration trend and in great demand for living ideas in the coastal style. But if you want to give your room a certain texture, then opt for leather furniture, for example sofas and armchairs made of real leather can be seamlessly inscribed in any coastal-style room. For a modern touch, you could still incorporate a few elegant wooden elements.

With the modern living ideas in the coastal style, it is quite possible to combine comfortable sofas and armchairs with wicker furniture….

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Flechtmöbel Deko Artikel weißer Hintergrund grüne Zimmerpflanzen

… and achieve this attractive look.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil zwei Flechtsessel in Flur Wandgemälde

A leather sofa is a great addition to this cozy interior.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil helles gemütliches Wohnzimmer Ledersofa Flechtsessel grüne Pflanze

  • A touch of green is a must with coastal style home decor

Could you imagine a modern coastal style interior without a touch of green? Barely! Green indoor plants are a must in every room on the coast, because they create a natural atmosphere and have a very positive effect on the mood. You don’t necessarily need a jungle feel in a coastal style setting, but some green here and there will refresh the space. It is best to choose easy-care evergreen plants and place them in wooden or woven planters. To enhance the natural flair in the interior, you can arrange large green leaves in vases. These also bring a fresh note and you will notice the difference right away.

Low-maintenance green houseplants are a must here.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil modernes Wohnzimmer helle Farben graue Sessel viele Grünpflanzen

Place the green plant in a braided planter as shown in the picture.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil grüne Pflanze im geflochtenen Pflanzgefäß

Or choose decorative planters that will go well with your coastal style interior.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil zwei Übertopfe in Gelb und Weiß an die Wand gelehnter Spiegel

But if you don’t have a green thumb, then opt for easy-care succulents and cacti. These plants are very trendy right now and they are always in demand for coastal-style living ideas. In the special case, you could buy some high quality artificial plants and use them to freshen up your coastal style space. Everything is actually left to your creativity and imagination. Bring this into play and you are sure to create a breathtaking modern, coastal-style ambience. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you good luck and lots of fun!

Accents in aqua and turquoise break through the white interior.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil gemütliches Wohnzimmer Hellgrau Akzente in Aqua Türkis

Beige, light wood and sky blue accents in a great combination.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Beige helles Holz himmelblaue Akzente gemütliches Wohnzimmer

You can also design the bathroom in a coastal style.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil modernes Bad ganz im Weiß etwas Holz Gemälde Hellblau

Wicker furniture and home accessories are combined with light blue cushions and green plants.

Wohnideen im Küstenstil gemütliches Wohnzimmer Flechtmöbel Wohnaccessoires hellblaue Kissen grüne Pflanzen

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Lampe Gemälde Sideboard Flechtkorb

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Flur Wandspiegel Sideboard Flechtkorb als Pflanzgefäß

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Flechtsessel bringen Outdoor Feeling ins Interieur

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Palme im weißen Übertopf in einer Ecke neben Sideboard

Wohnideen im Küstenstil grüne Zimmerpflanzen gemütliches Wohnzimmer blaue Akzente

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Sideboard Dekoration Wandgemälde

Wohnideen im Küstenstil Wohnzimmer Weiß helles Holz viele Deko Artikel

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