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Living room with high ceiling creates a feeling of luxury

Is your living room furniture more in line with past trends than current ones? Was the last time you updated this a few years ago? Would you like a modernization and at the same time keeping the current style?

In some cases constructive changes are necessary for this and in others these have to be done on the decorative level. Our examples show it very clearly! This is about the living room renovation on two levels. In some houses or apartments that are on two floors, you could sacrifice part or all of the separation of the second level in favor of a higher room.

Wohnzimmereinrichtung modern ideen

Apartments on two levels speak for comfort and luxury

Do you live in such an apartment and would like to experiment with this type of design, take a look at the following picture examples! They are representative of the current trends. The double height in the living room gives you the feeling of luxury without having to invest in an expensive interior.

Sitzecke runder Teppich

Apartments on two levels are currently in great demand

The first living room shown is only partially double the height. A large part of the ceiling carries a second floor. In this case, the narrow two-story room is perfectly adequate for a feeling of luxury, because the room opens outwards via a wall made of glass panels with elegant metal frames. The wall of the room above, which looks towards the living room area, also bears this character.

Living room with a slightly raised ceiling

Even a small increase in the living room ceiling can greatly contribute to the luxurious appearance of the room. Narrow rooms benefit from this, but they are a bit higher than usual. It would be appropriate to enrich the upper zone with functional furniture and accessories that also have a decorative effect. Such would be bookshelves and hanging lamps, which also serve as accents in the room.

Küche hohe Zimmerdecke mattiertes Glas Glaswand Luxus Gefühl

Every room with a slightly raised ceiling brings a feeling of luxury

Open two-story living room

The high attic floors are often divided into two levels. The different rooms can be visually connected to one another. In other words, they are not separated at all or possibly by glass walls. So the lower area gains height and the whole thing appears very luxurious in general.

Wohnzimmereinrichtung luxus ideen

Luxury reigns supreme in this open living room

Emphasize the uniformity of the space with corresponding elements between the upper and lower areas. Use the stairs or ladder connecting both floors as accents. You can do this with a color that differs from the rest of the picture. So you emphasize once again the importance of the vertical dimension in space.

schöne wohnideen wohnzimmer beton wandgestaltung

The artistic design can emphasize the vertical dimension

Artful emphasis on the vertical dimension

We have just given an example of how artistic design can emphasize the vertical dimension in high rooms. This aspect is of crucial importance for the luxurious appearance of living rooms. There are many options that you can access when setting up. One would be the artistic wall design that extends from the very bottom to the very top. Furthermore, you can blur the room dimensions with a great installation of pendant lights.

The most elaborate, but the most noble-looking solution is the glazing of the high walls. These create a visual connection between the living room furnishings in the high room and the outside area or the adjoining rooms. With this type of design, the whole room appears noble, no matter from which perspective you look at it.

The lighting

In addition to emphasizing the vertical dimension and the visual connection to adjacent areas, lighting also plays an important role in the design of such luxurious spaces. In this sense it has a similar task to art in space. Both have to emphasize the drama of the high living room furnishings and at the same time unify them. It looks similar with every additional room element that is introduced into the particularly high living room furnishings.

If you follow these principles, you can always achieve gorgeous luxury style in a high ceiling living room.

Wohnzimmereinrichtung trendy luxuriös auf zwei Levels verglaste Wand

Glazed walls add a lot to the feeling of luxury in the room

Wohnzimmer moderne Einrichtung industrieller Stil

An industrial style living room on two levels

modernes Wohnzimmer stilvolle Möbel weiß

Very modern designed living room with white furniture and a ladder to the second floor

Wohnzimmereinrichtung modern stilvoll

From the living room you go directly to the pool outside

Wohnzimmereinrichtung modern luxuriös zweites Level herrlicher Panoramablick

The luxuriously furnished living room on the second level offers a wonderful panoramic view.

Wohnzimmer zweites Niveau Holz sichtbare Röhre besonderes Flair im Wohnraum

Wood and visible tubes determine the special flair in this living room

WohnzimmerWohnzimmer zweites Niveau Holz sichtbare Röhre besonderes Flair im Wohnraum

A gray interior on two levels can be spiced up with yellow color accents

Wohnzimmer Wände

Depending on your climatic conditions, you can sit on three glazed room walls.

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