Micha’s Raptor PIMP: Orijinaal jeht jaar net

Micha’s Raptor PIMP: Orijinaal jeht jaar net

Wide eat, bad guggn leisureMichael Becker is actually a motorcyclist. But actually he thinks the community is much better with the quads and actually he had a quad before and now… he did it again.
The community makes the difference, says Michael Becker, who has been a die-hard motorcyclist for years, but had an SMC 550 four years ago. “With the motorcyclists there are only rockers, the really fast ones, the enduro riders and the really decent ones. With the quad riders you can just be yourself and you will always find someone you get along with.”
Koso Tacho X3R: Micha didn't skimp on the accessoriesSo, at the beginning of last year, the 45-year-old made the decision: he needs another quad. At the dealer he trusted, he first had to face the sad truth: “SMC doesn’t weed any jebaut,” the Bergheimer found out from his Cologne specialist adviser. “Do wor joode Rot dür”, which means something like: Good advice was expensive there. But in the end, the whole thing didn’t drive Micha to despair, but only into the clutches of the raptor community. A 700 piece was also spontaneously bought – new from the shop, still with the scent that makes new cars so special, so to speak. “While that was all well and good, I didn’t want to be seen on the street like that. Em Orijinaal es dat Dinge ugly wie de Naach.” (Editor’s note: We refrain from a translation out of consideration for other Raptor drivers.)

“Today I’ll shop, tomorrow I’ll screw….”

Manege free...Micha had a plan, and just like a little man with a ‘secret’ name he sang to himself: “Today I’ll shop, tomorrow I’ll screw and the day after tomorrow I’ll drive my own thing.” The highly motivated screw shop fell to A -Arms, rear axle, handlebars, mirrors, indicators, lamps, seat, speedometer, brake hoses and brake handles sacrificed. Everything should be deeper and wider. On their own and with the support of the nearby Quad Monkey Garage, a pretty sleek robber emerged. A few parts were powder-coated, there was a bit of new paint on top – and she was done, the… Oops, no name! “Yes, we don’t have a name yet, but maybe someone will think of something? I’m open to everything.”
thumbs 20200900qmg002However, the Yamaha is far from being in the final stage of expansion. “A few kilometers have already been demolished this year, but the engine isn’t quite what I imagine it to be either,” continues Michael Becker. He’s currently flirting with a 990cc two-cylinder from KTM. “I think that would suit the machine well, and maybe the project will be implemented during the winter break.” dlw

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