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Modern spiral staircase – a total eye-catcher in the interior

Understandably, stairs are often held as a link between two floors. But they are also important design elements that have the power to give a simple house something spectacular. Every homeowner can clearly define and present his personal style by choosing an unusual staircase. By adding a unique contemporary staircase design with interesting railings and made from modern materials, you can change the general look of the house. Of course it would be possible to update an existing structure, spice it up with a new design and a new surface and give your staircase a completely new look, while you can also change its functionality. Keep reading our article today and learn more about it. Here we present you new ideas on how to add super modern spiral stairs to the interior or turn them into real eye-catchers, which you can be really proud of later.

Which staircase design will work best for me?

Solid wood spiral stairs

Every available space under the stairs must be used as practically as possible.

When browsing the contemporary staircase designs and ideas, your top criterion should be the available space. Of course, not every type of staircase can fit in every house: a double-sided staircase will only work in a large hallway, so for a smaller room you will have to opt for a straight, U- or L-shaped staircase. If you’re really looking for a modern look for a spacious hallway, then you can try a curved, eye-catching design. A modern spiral staircase obviously needs more space, but it can do a great job of bringing out chic railings and other unique features of the spiral staircase. For homes that are really spacious, a spiral design will be the most efficient option in terms of horizontal space; While the trendy spiral stairs are not that easy to climb up, they create a quirky and happy feeling in the ambience.

Depending on how you have determined the purpose, function and shape of the spiral staircase, you can narrow down your research and only look for style and material options. Of course, you have to be guided by your own needs and preferences and based your search on the bigger picture that you are trying to reach through your modern staircase at home.

What options do you have when choosing materials for the front staircase?

Spiral staircase in a modern house

Floating steps and glass – this is a super trendy combination that has determined staircase design in recent years

The look of your trendy staircase should coordinate well with the rest of the interior of your home, so don’t try to mix up two dramatically different styles, such as traditional and modern. For the steps themselves, terracotta tile and stone are popular traditional materials, while metal or floating wood steps are more trendy options. The stair railings tend to be very questionable about the materials, but in reality they present the perfect opportunity for you to let your creativity run free. While pairing two opposing types of materials and designs is not recommended, on the stairs you can mix up the styles in the execution of the terrain and the tread.

In this way you will definitely achieve breathtaking effects and your modern staircase will always attract everyone’s attention. For example, the railing could be done in an industrial style and then paired with modern wooden steps. Or you can opt for an ornate metal railing, the look of which makes the stone steps look rough or sturdy. This mix of materials creates a Mediterranean feeling in your interior that you can enjoy all the time. If you don’t like carpeting and don’t want to use one, stair runners are an easy way to protect the material underneath.

Elegant wooden stairs

Wooden steps in a fancy audit trail – tradition meets modernity

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize again: the appearance of your house stairs is particularly important, you can never deny that. But first and foremost, think about the function. If you have young children, hard metal open handrails and stairs can be a real hazard for the little ones, while dogs and constant walking up and down can damage the wood.

Solid wood stairs

An L-shaped staircase design that is emphasized more with the right lighting

modern stairs and contemporary staircase designs

Modern spiral staircase spices up the whole interior

modern wooden stairs design

Wood and stone always make a great combination

modern stairs shape living room

There is enough storage space under these modern stairs, also for the children’s bike

modern spiral staircase wood

The straight staircase inscribes itself perfectly into the interior design

modern stairs black spiral shape

Modern, modern… ..and super trendy!

Modern spiral staircase made of glass wood

White and wood brown – a classic color duo

open staircase in modern home

Modern stairs directly at the panorama window – how do you like that?

Metal modern spiral staircase

White spiral staircase, black steps and metal railings in black – that means excellent and eye-catching!

Wooden spiral staircase with metal railing

This stair design is understandably one of my favorites!

modern stair designs glass

A cozy corner could be created under the stairs

modern stairs natural stone wall wood

The wall right next to the stairs is so stylishly arranged that you are immediately motivated to live

modern spiral staircase white

Do you know where to put your travel souvenirs so that they are always in front of your eyes?

stairs ideas wood furnishing

Wood and metal are the classic duo in stair design

spiral staircase modern wood stairs inspirations

The glass railing is becoming more and more popular

modern metal staircase inspiring ideas

Everyone would want to have a staircase like this in their living room, right?

Solid wood spiral staircase

This spiral staircase with a modern design is a real eye-catcher in the room

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