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It should be colorful for Easter!

Have you already thought about how to decorate your home more beautifully and colorfully for Easter? No, not yet? Then you’ve come to the right place today! Because we present you 35 decoration ideas for the wonderful festival of colors!

Decoration ideas with painted eggs
Let’s start with the classics: the painted eggs. In this case, the colored eggs with cheerful dots and sparkles will look especially fun. Incidentally, the dots pattern can be made with wax: draw on the eggs with a stick candle and then color them. For children, that’s half the fun of this festival!

dyed easter eggs pastel colors

The dotted Easter eggs are a beautiful and easy project

Decorative Easter wooden letter moss

Light colors are all the rage

The versatile design of the eggs is one of the widespread Easter customs. With paint, stickers and name tags, the decorated eggs become highlights of the table decoration. We see a stylish, glossy variant here, which was created with the help of the golden spray paint:

Spray paint Easter brunch

Personalized table decorations for Easter

Colored, leaf-imprinted eggs are a traditional European decoration. The natural colors of the eggs are created with onion skins when they are cooked. This avoids food coloring on the eggshell, which, by the way, is an alternative for allergy sufferers.

Easter customs of coloring eggs, of course

Coloring Easter eggs with natural colors

Eggs decorated with flowers are a simple but nice decoration idea. Sue has to blow out the eggs first and decorate them with delicate, real flowers for a festive look.

Inspiration spring mood

Egg shells as small vases

Easter bouquet
The lush bouquet is better placed in a bucket than in a vase. Wonderful cut flowers can be color coordinated with the rest of the decoration.

Table decoration fresh white green chicken figures

The tulips are popular and popular for flower arrangements, even if spring is still a long way off

Flowers decoration spring

Splendid spring bloomers are the epitome of spring

Artificial flowers or colorful pom-poms, however, bring great nuances and a positive atmosphere into home design.

Easter table decoration cut flowers porcelain dishes

Bring a real spring feeling into the interior

Decoration idea handicraft idea Easter DIY

Paper pompoms put you in a good mood

Make egg garland

The pompoms are a trendy decoration idea for your garden party

If you can organize a brunch in the garden on this festival, you will not be disappointed. The strong colors of nature are a real feel-good factor and contribute to your festive mood.

Table decoration purple pink Easter

There’s nothing like brunch with the family outdoors

Easter decoration garden

Classic table decorations for Easter

Colorful wreath of flowers and decorated with Easter eggs
The flowers embellish the interior in several ways. For a festive effect, you can integrate colorful Easter eggs into a colored wreath and hang it on the window.

Easter decorations butterflies rabbits

Festive arrangement with a colorful Easter wreath

Door wreath decorative wreath

Moss wreath with materials from nature

A nicely laid table shows your guests hospitality. The Easter tablecloths and table runners are therefore an important element in the table decoration and, to be honest, a real feast for the eyes. These sophisticated and festive textiles prepare the ground for your decoration in style. Whether colorful and cheerful or white and classic, the matching tablecloth shows your good taste.

Motifs classic tableware vase with branches DIY

Table decorations in warm colors for big family celebrations

festive table porcelain dishes

Sweets at the Easter table are real eye-catchers

Table decoration, banquet table, natural colors

Easter bouquet with quail eggs and decoratively painted wine glasses next to it

For Easter we have also presented you with a variety of interior design ideas! Here you can enjoy traditional European and American design examples. Which Easter decoration idea did you like the most?

We look forward to Easter and the numerous decoration options: the painted Easter eggs, the bright colors and the colorful table decorations. We have great interior design ideas ready for you!

dotted flowers motifs Easter table decoration

Welcome spring with cheerful colors and a lot of atmosphere

Garden design Easter

Bright paper garland in the garden attracts attention

Easter eggs chick decoration idea

Playful table decorations with chicks

easter mood rabbit easter basket

Egg tree in pastel colors in the entrance area

Easter decoration carrots festive decoration ideas

Magnificent Easter wreath

Table decoration branches Easter white

Classic Easter table decoration in white with decorated branches

Easter decoration in white fireplace

Classic design in a minimalist style

Decoration ideas Easter time living room cherry branches

Spring blossoms in a stylish ambience

Garden design garden lantern stand lantern candle holder

Arrange potted plants in the entrance area

Arrange flowers herbs

Give the pots a uniform look

Easter basket daffodils Easter decoration centerpiece

Easter time equals decoration time!

Easter decorations wall design Easter festival

Vintage wall frame with blooming branches

Easter tinker flowers side table decoration

Simple decoration with delicious candies and a homemade nest

Easter table decoration bunnies

Create a festive mood with colors and decorative items

fresh springtime yellow orange green easter table decoration

Bring a bit of nature right into your living room

soft natural colors Easter decoration

Create a romantic atmosphere with candles

ample Easter table decorations

Festive table runner with Easter bunny motifs

Table decoration Easter eggs egg cups

Natural, stylish decoration idea with branches and decoration bunnies

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