New and original ideas on how to decorate the Christmas tree

It shouldn’t be boring at Christmas! Take your time and swap the already known decorative ideas with new, fresh ones. Think you have tried everything? We doubt that! Here are some very interesting Christmas tree design suggestions that will add that certain something to your room and your party.

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Design the Christmas tree to suit your children’s tastes

The home furnishings are mostly adapted to the tastes of adults. Christmas is something that especially makes the little ones happy. Take the opportunity to make more space for your taste in the home design. Use more toys and / or other decorative elements that are similar to these for your Christmas tree decorations. Allow the children to complete the decoration themselves. You can do this with your own handicraft ideas, drawings or simply packaging for chocolates. You might like this decoration more than you initially thought.

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Place the beautifully wrapped gifts in the center of the decoration concept

The gifts under the tree can be the main accent in the decoration. This works particularly well when you are packaged in a uniform color palette. Enhance the impression with an accent rug in the same or contrasting shade. In this case, you can decorate the Christmas tree yourself very subtly. The restrained and delicate elements should definitely correspond with the accent carpet.

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Make a sculptural statement and turn the Christmas tree into a total eye-catcher

In a minimalist design, the Christmas tree is sure to attract a lot of attention. You hardly need any additional jewelry. In this case, however, the stylistic demands on its natural appearance are very high. You can cut the tree sculpturally or simply choose it in a shape that more or less reflects the design lines of the room.

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Make the Christmas decorations eclectic

Even if you love the style of your own home, you want a certain change from time to time. This can be done by making the Christmas tree in a different style. This is a great playing field for experiments: How does a rural ornament for the Christmas tree fit into your minimalist design?


Let spring come home for Christmas

You don’t feel like winter and frost at all? Do you love spring? Then decorate the Christmas tree with flowers and invite spring into your home! Isn’t that a great and optimistic idea for decorating the Christmas tree?


Gold and blue can be paired skilfully

Are you striving for the magical effect, the magic of Christmas? Combine the appearance of luxury and mysticism by combining gold and blue Christmas balls.
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


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