5 Reasons Why to Buy European Eyewear

The global eyewear market has grown steadily over the past decade. Moreover, experts predict that it will continue growing in size over the coming years. Within this jungle of competing eyewear brands, European names are leading the way in quality and innovation. Nowadays, Europe is home to many eyewear companies, including some major players like Safilo Group, Kering, EssilorLuxottica, Marcolin, etc. – all with a large portfolio of the most loved and widely recognized vision care and eyewear brands in the world. There’s actually no doubt that designer glasses are a wise (yet pricey) investment that will look sensational for years to come. In addition to looking attractive, designer shades and optical frames ensure a perfect fit and outstanding comfort.

With multiple players offering shades and specs of different types and materials, the eyewear market continues to impress. When it comes to shopping for sunglasses or optical frames, it seems like there’s no shortage of designer labels providing customers all over the world with the latest eyewear trends and styles. From evergreen classic styles to hypermodern pieces, a pair of quality shades is just the right accessory to make a statement. Eyeglasses, for those who wear them, are an essential part of the wardrobe as well.

Constantly bringing dynamism to the eyewear sector, European brands stand out from the competition. Below are 5 reasons why to buy European sunglasses and prescription eyewear:

  1. Quality. This is probably the most important aspect. European brands emphasize quality materials, the ones that are durable and built to last. If we talk about the modern world, acetate and titanium are an ideal choice.
  2. Dependable protection from UV rays. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it’s also essential to consider the level of UV protection. As a rule, quality sunglasses offer absolute protection from UVA/UVB radiation, keeping your eyes safe from damage and health risks associated with sun exposure.
  3. Standout design. Season after season, designers introduce something new to the public. European eyewear has always been exciting in its design and styling cues. Vibrant colors and intricate details make premium eyewear different from the pack.
  4. High wearing comfort and a perfect fit are crucial. Regardless of the frame shape or style, European eyewear is developed with the wearer in mind, meeting all the needs and requirements of the most demanding individual.
  5. Immaculate craftsmanship. From initial concept to prototype, attention to the smallest detail is what puts European brands in a class of their own.

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