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The cumbersome thing about the logbook is that you often forget to keep it. Vimcar does this automatically via the OBD connector. Every trip is always automatically logged – later you can assign it (according to tax law within 7 days) as private or business in the smartphone app. A lot has happened since our first Vimcar test 2 years ago. In this article we explain what has improved in the electronic logbook.


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Easy installation: Anyone can plug in the OBD connector in 2 minutes

Even back then, we praised the simple installation, which is now even simpler and better illustrated: You connect the OBD connector to the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, the connection is hidden somewhere else, for example in all VW brands it is usually in the footwell on the left. The plug then connects to the Vimcar server – via HTTPS, of course – and you only have to register in the app. After entering the activation code and plug ID, the app and plug are connected. Now you enter the current mileage of the vehicle and Vimcar starts to keep the logbook.

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Installation: Every layperson can do it in two minutes

Exact recording of the kilometers: reading out from the on-board computer instead of just using GPS

All vehicles built after 2004 have a globally standardized OBD connector. You connect the Vimcar plug to it and it picks up the kilometer data directly from the vehicle’s “tacho”. It recognizes the start and end of the journey fully automatically. The start and end point are recognized by the GPS module and also saved. Thanks to an integrated SIM card, the data is transferred to the Vimcar server and thus also reaches the smartphone app. Cumbersome synchronization via Bluetooth is therefore not necessary. This works everywhere in the European Economic Area, so there are no extra costs for roaming! Rides were often transmitted quickly after the end, even though we parked the car in a parking garage with poor reception. If there is no network at all, the connector syncs the next time you dial into the mobile data network. In our tests, the number of kilometers was always exactly right – we drove with an Audi A3 from 2010.

For data protectionists: GPS tracking can be deactivated completely

As can be seen in the screenshots below, the GPS receiver in the OBD connector only records the start and end point of the journey. So the complete route is not tracked, only the number of kilometers! Who also does not want the start and end point to be recorded, but only the number of kilometers can also deactivate this – but then you have to enter it manually.

Working app: Simple and clear

The app has also changed quite a bit since 2015. It was already simple and good back then, has never crashed, but now has many more functions. In the last 2 years one has listened to the customers properly and introduced things like the “mixed journey” (private & business), in addition one can now enter significantly more information about journeys (such as costs, etc.). In addition, multiple trips can be merged or categorized at the same time.

Update end of 2018: Under Lists can also contacts or occasions be created. This is helpful when you always go to the same business partner for a meeting moves. The Storage of fuel cards and displaying fuel consumption. Anyone who likes to forget their fuel card PIN can keep it safe here and track consumption. Also new is a vehicle finder, with which you can see exactly where the vehicle is currently parked on a Google Maps map. You really can’t make an app like this much better and clearer.

The advantage over logbook apps without an OBD connector

In our opinion, logbook apps that record journeys exclusively with the smartphone are extremely inaccurate. The first problem is that you can forget to activate the recording at the start of the journey. In the event of poor GPS reception or simply problems with the app, it can happen that mileage figures are inaccurate or partially not recorded. Since Vimcar picks up the kilometer data directly from the speedometer, it is very accurate and always (unnoticed) logs trips, even if there is no smartphone nearby.

Recognized by the tax office? Secured by Vimcar!

It is understandably very important to Vimcar customers that everything is in order from a tax perspective. The Berlin startup therefore explains the tax situation almost meticulously in entire guidebooks. They even published a brochure together with the German Association of Tax Advisors, which can be viewed online. We would therefore have no concerns that the tax office would not recognize Vimcar. We have not heard of such a case and since Vimcar really meets all the specifications, this is by no means to be expected. For example, Vimcar adheres to these important guidelines:

  • It is not possible to change routes or delete trips
  • Subsequent adjustments are made transparent in the change history of each trip
  • Processing is only possible within 7 days – after that, trips are automatically assigned as “private”.
  • The data can be exported for any period of time in various formats (e.g. PDF, Excel WISO, Haufe Lexware,…).

Vimcar is the sensible and reliable alternative to simple logbook apps that only half-heartedly record the data via GPS. In addition, Vimcar has been certified and tested several times in recent years and is recognized by the tax office. Vimcar is currently available at a monthly price of €15.90 plus VAT. Because of the well-functioning app and the simple installation, we can recommend everyone to use the logbook for max. 100 days long (as long as there is a money-back guarantee).

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