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Save on DIY: The 3 best tips

Those who like to lend a hand in their own home are not doing it primarily to save money, but because they enjoy it. Nevertheless, you can save money with DIY. Here we show you the best tips to save a little more.

Do-it-Yourself: Nice hobby, for bargain hunters

Do-It-Yourself or DIY is a beautiful and versatile hobby. Anyone who has to work a lot at their desk and computer at work will be happy to be able to work a little with their hands. This is exactly where DIY is the right thing to do. There are many different ideas and an infinite number of beautiful projects that can be repaired or improved on a house or apartment.

If DIY is your hobby … ..

DIY Handwerken zu Hause junger Mann beim Messen Hund daneben Werkzeuge

…. Can Save Some Money By Crafting At Home.

DIY Handwerken Mann beim Bohren Fensterrahmen erneuen verdichten

Depending on the project, you can practice a wide variety of crafts. Anyone who has to renovate an apartment or buys an old house to refurbish it can try their hand at being an electrician, practicing as a carpenter, sticking wallpaper, laying tiles or let off steam with a brush and a painter’s roller.

If you do it cleverly, you can save money with and through DIY – after all, tradespeople want to be paid. If you instead do the work yourself in the evening or on the weekend, you can relax and learn a lot. But there are also many ways to save money when doing home improvement.

Think creatively and make your own home more beautiful and welcoming!

DIY Handwerken kreativ denken zu zweit arbeiten das Haus schöner und einladender machen

Buy in building materials stores instead of hardware stores

Anyone who compares the prices between professional dealers, building materials dealers or hardware stores will be shocked to find out how much higher the prices are in the hardware store. Those who buy in the building materials trade instead benefit from the lower prices. For this, customers in the building materials trade also have to purchase significantly larger quantities. Because the actual target group of the building materials trade is not casual do-it-yourselfers, but the construction industry and builders.

Nevertheless, DIY enthusiasts can also shop in building materials stores. Because when a roof has to be repaired, do-it-yourselfers also need large quantities of roofing tiles. Or if the terrace is to be prepared, a little more wood or stone slabs have to be bought. Wherever large quantities are needed, building materials dealers are the first point of contact.

Good machines are the be-all and end-all of any DIY project.

DIY Handwerken zu Hause gute Maschinen weitere Werkzeuge auf dem Tisch Kaffeetasse daneben

Invest in good tools

If you buy cheap, you buy twice. Nowhere is this principle so true as with tools. After all, tools have to withstand a lot and must not wear out too quickly. A worn-out screwdriver breaks more than you think, because the screw heads are then quickly worn out and the screw can no longer be loosened.

Good machines also cost good money – but it’s worth it. Not only do they work better – they also last longer. A good drill is enough for life without any problems, a cheap one breaks quickly. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on good machines either. There are specialized dealers who buy used machines, overhaul them and offer them for sale again. Such machine dealers also give a guarantee on such overhauled machines.

Machines that you only need rarely or only once do not have to be bought at all; you can simply rent them for the period in which you need them.

The necessary machines and tools can also be rented.

DIY Handwerken auf dem Dach arbeiten neue Dachplatten gute Bohrmaschine

Recycle instead of throwing away

Actually, the principle should be taken for granted nowadays among do-it-yourselfers – but it’s not quite that yet. Almost everything can be reused and does not have to be thrown away. Old furniture can either be refurbished later or used completely different with a few changes. An old bike does not have to be thrown away, but can be used as a decoration in whole or in parts. The ideas are endless – just as the internet offers endless recycling and upcycling ideas.

Those who have good craftsmanship can renovate their own home.

DIY Handwerken gutes handwerkliches Können mit Pinsel Türen und Fenster neu streichen das eigene Haus selbst renovieren

It is also important that you have fun while crafting and that you are satisfied with the end result.

DIY Handwerken zu zweit Wände streichen mit Rolle junger Mann und Frau Spaß haben

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