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Saving electricity is very easy with sockets that can be switched off

With the rapid development of technology and industry as a whole, electricity consumption is also increasing sharply. This leads to increased electrosmog that is all around us. Nature and people are stressed every day by technically generated electrical and electromagnetic fields. More and more people speak of electro-sensitive people who have electromagnetic intolerance. It is believed that this is caused by the electromagnetic effects of technical devices and is one of the new diseases in the most developed countries. That is why efforts are being made worldwide to counteract electrosmog. Every small step is important in this regard. We want to live and work in voltage-free rooms and thereby reduce our electricity costs. Switchable sockets can be very helpful. Their practical application is increasing and their importance for our health is particularly important.

With sockets that can be switched off, you can network many devices with one another.

Abschaltbare Steckdosen modernes Wohnkonzept Smartphone aufladen Brottoaster Wasserkanne vernetzen

  • Switchable sockets lead to low electricity bills

A smart home is not just a modern term, it is an intelligently networked house that meets the new needs of modern-minded people. These are new ways to cleverly network various technical devices at home so that they give us more comfort and security. However, properly networked technology in our own four walls helps us enormously to save energy and reduce the burden on the world. By properly disconnecting from the power grid, on the one hand, voltage-free rooms are created where one feels comfortable and is unencumbered.

You can do something better for the comfort of your home.

Abschaltbare Steckdosen etwas Besseres für Ihren Wohnkomfort

In addition, this is a contemporary solution to put a total end to the annoying cable clutter. For example, you can cleverly network various kitchen appliances – from the refrigerator to the coffee machine to the bread toaster – and not damage the modern look of your kitchen. Whenever you don’t use them, they are completely switched off. This will reduce stand-by power losses and save energy. This clever way of saving electricity is also good for the environment.

Saving electricity is easy now! Your electricity bill will be lower than usual.

Abschaltbare Steckdosen modern wohnen Strom sparen

However, you must by no means mean that sockets that can be switched off can only be used in the kitchen. No, these can be used well in all rooms at home. Their importance for bedrooms and children’s rooms, for example, is particularly important because these sockets create a tension-free living atmosphere there. Ultimately, this is not only of great importance for a healthy night’s sleep, but also for the good health and well-being of all house residents. The television, the hi-fi system and the laptop are switched on around the clock, but they are in stand-by mode when you are not using them. You do not need to pull out the plug of your device from the mains if you have sockets that can be switched off. You can switch off all devices from the mains with just one push of a button. Isn’t that the smart way to save electricity and create a tension-free atmosphere?

You can now switch off all devices with the push of a button.

Abschaltbare Steckdosen modern wohnen mit einem Kopfdruck alle Geräte ausschalten

  • Switchable sockets for the industrial sector

In order to increase electrical safety in industrial applications, switchable CEE sockets have been developed. These are currently in widespread use because they have a number of important advantages over conventional socket strips. They do not deform because they are made of thermoplastic, rubber and aluminum and are very well insulated. Plus, they have a long lifespan, which is another plus. Especially designed for industrial companies, the sockets that can be switched off are also waterproof and splash-proof. In addition, these sockets save electricity, protect the environment and do not harm human health. Can you ask for something better? Barely!

Think positively and opt for sockets that can be switched off at home and at work, for the sake of the environment and your own health!

Now the cable clutter is finally over!

Abschaltbare Steckdosen Schluss mit dem lästigen Kabelsalat

There are modern and clever solutions.

Abschaltbare Steckdosen moderne und clevere Lösungen fürs Zuhause und den Betrieb

Switchable sockets are part of every modern living concept.

Abschaltbare Steckdosen modernes Wohnkonzept Strom sparen spannungsfrei leben

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